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2 Archival description results for Accident

Motor Accident

"Mr. Max Bemrose, driver of the car in which five young Bradford people were riding, had his ability for quick thinking in an emergency tested, and found not wanting, last Sunday night, when, bit for his instant decision, all would have been struck be the northbound flyer at Lefroy crossing.
The party, Misses Rae and Mary Green and Audrey Lang, Don Willson and Max Bemrose, the driver and owner of the car, had left Mr. G.G. Green's cottage at Stoney Point a short time before taking a friend to Barrie. They were returning to the cottage where Mr. and Mrs. Green were waiting for them, and, as the train was twenty minutes late, they believed it had already passed, consequently it was not until they had drove opposite the vacant lot adjoining the tracks and got their first unobstructed view that they had any intimation of the approaching danger. Then it was too late to cross ahead of the train or stop clear of the tracks so Mr. Bemrose turned his car toward the ditch. All would have been well had not the high side walk been in the path of the car, turning it over, tossing the occupants and wrecking and breaking the glass in the car.
All five were badly shaken, cut and bruised, but after receiving medical attention from Dr. McCallum of Churchill, were moved to Mr. G.G. Green's cottage. The three girls are still confined to bed but no alarm is felt for their condition. The young men are about town but both carry marks of the accident.
The car is badly wrecked."

Bradford Witness