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The flower man

"The bounciest petunias and the most colourful marigolds on Simcoe Rd. are in the Van Der Hulst family garden. They grow 150,000 boxes of bedding plants each spring in the greenhouses behind their home so they have an advantage over their neighbours. With the flower season over, the family is growing tomatoes which will be ready when the field crops are depleted around September 15. Joe Van Der Hulst hasn't been too well this year but he hasn't worried about the greenhouses. Two of his children, Bert and Connie clip the tomato leaves and wind the vines around string as they grow taller and taller."

George Jackson

Simcoe Centre MPP D. Arthur Evans

"To save 32 million acres of food-growing land is to interfere with the delicate buyer and seller relationships of the marketplace. Massive state intervention in the marketplace does guarantee absolutely that the productive capacity of Ontario's farmers will be severely restricted by a new host of governmental restrictions and directives. If you examine the food growing capacity of certain totalitarian nations such as the Soviet Union, the state of that country's agriculture is nothing short of national disaster."

George Jackson

The harvest

"The Toronto Telegram, now defunct, ran this week's photographs in the 1950s, showing the Holland Marsh harvest. Even then the marsh was prized for its productivity and the great opportunities for employment it provided. The photos are included in a collection at the Simcoe County Museum in Midhurst."

Bradford Witness

Students harvest 'for the fun of it'

"'For the fun of it.' That's the reason Grade 9 student Sandra Smith gave as she and about 180 other young people from Bradford District High School (BDHS) pitched in last Wednesday to help six Holland Marsh farmers with the harvest. Sandra and her co-workers came to the rescue after hearing that many farmers are behind in their work because the wet summer and fall limited the use of heavy harvesting machinery. The students worked free of charge and earned the gratitude of the farmers, including Jack Van Es who asked some of them back on Saturday to work for pay. Walter Yarmoluk said the students harvested about $2,000 worth of onions for him, focusing mainly on land still too wet for machinery. Mr. Yarmoluk said he has never experienced such wet conditions in 32 years of farming, from 1938 to 1955 and from 1962 to the present. This year he lost three acres of carrots and two acres of beets because of the rain. The project had to be approved by the Simcoe County school board superintendent, according to Carrol Good, guidance teacher at BDHS. It was considered an emergency situation that is not likely to be repeated this year, she said."

Jim Dalziel

Retirement party

"Leo Catania (centre) accepts congratulations from his wife, Wilma, and his former boss, Jack McInally, at his retirement party last week. Mr. McInally holds a plaque with model inspection tools which was one of the gifts Mr. Catania received. He was director of the farm products inspection service of the provincial Ministry of Agriculture."

Bradford Witness

4-H winners

"Three of top winners at the South Simcoe 4-H banquet in Beeton pose with their awards. Left to right: Marianne Reynolds, high Beeton 4-H member, Carol Rintoul of Tottenham, top novice judge, and outstanding junior member; and John Rutten of Loretto, top swine club member in South Simcoe. At rear is Bill Brethet, a leader of the 4-H Dairy Club."

Bradford Witness

Farmers on the warpath

"About 50 Holland Marsh farmers are suing the Townships of West Gwillimbury and King, claiming damage to crops in August because of flooding. The farmers served notice of their intentions through their lawyers last month, saying the two municipalities neglected to clean the Schomberg River, and that the pumps at a pumping station didn't work during the heavy rain of August 16. The petition signed by the farmers was sent to the councils by their lawyer Norman Borins of Toronto. It states that because of the failure of the pumphouse much of the land near or level with the river was covered with water. King Mayor Margaret Britnell said the township has no obligation to the farmers because the cleaning of the canal and pumping operations are under the jurisdiction of the Holland Marsh Drainage Commission. Council agreed to receive the letter and send it on to the commission. West Gwillimbury council has referred the matter to the township's insurance company, Frank Cowan Company Limited."

John Slykhuis

Milk deliveries

"Remember when milk used to be delivered this way? Herbert Fraser used to do the rounds for the entire town of Bradford back in the 1940s and 50s until about 1956. His daughter, Mrs. Doris Church, who submitted these photos, recalls that her father would get up at 2 a.m. to feed the horse and load the wagon. The dairy in town at that time, Cousins (south of the Royal Bank, now Ingoglia's), provided all the dairy products for Bradford. In winter, before the town plowed any of the roads, the sleigh would be pressed into service, Mrs. Church said. Mrs. Carol Lund, Mrs. Church's daughter, is the little girl in the photo."

Bradford Witness

Harvest time

"Mary Novosad uses an old wooden wheelbarrow to carry two bushels of potatoes from her garden in Bradford. This is a time of hard work as she and her husband, Steve, grow several types of vegetables behind their Morris Road home."

Bradford Witness

Public visits research centre

"Visitors from as far away as Idaho came to the open house at the Muck Research Station in the Holland Marsh last Friday. A steady stream of farmers, growers, salesmen and students toured the nine-acre site loaded with exhibits and test crops. The research station has served the area since the late 1940's, testing various crops, fertilizers, and chemicals used on muck crops. The station is headed by senior muck crops specialist Matt Valk, with Edo Knibbe as the agricultural technician, and staff members Fred Weening, Dave Walton, Eleanor Wall and Maureen Evans. The annual open house was blessed with warm, sunny weather."

John Slykhuis

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