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Bradford High School

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Bradford High School

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Bradford High School

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Bradford High School

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Garrett, Edmund

This portrait is of Edmund Garrett as part of the Members of Bradford High School Board of 1906. Other members were T.W.W. Evans, H.S. Broughton, A. Neilly, Robert Stewart, and Dr. L.H. Campbell.

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Carefoot, George A.

This portrait is of George A. Carefoot, the Head Master of Bradford High School.

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Old Bradford High School

This high school was located on Queen Street in Bradford. This is a picture taken soon after the building was constructed in 1892 as the trees and bushes surrounding the school are still quite small. The first head master was S. Arthur Marling. This building burned down in 1924.

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Royal Visit

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visited Canada.One warm evening in June 1939, the elementary school children and parents of West Gwillimbury drove to Alliston to see the Royal Couple on board the train as it passed through the little town. But the train did not stop and thousands of disappointed onlookers did not get a glimpse of the King and Queen. Engineer Harry Toman (brother-in-law of Herbert Bowles) was under instruction not to stop the Royal Train as it was late leaving the Toronto Station. At Midhurst, where 28 peoples were gathered, the train stopped to take on water supplies. King George VI stepped off the train to shake hands with the small group. One of those present was Edith Belfry, teacher of S.S. #9 Mount Pleasant. The Bradford High School students went by train to Toronto where they saw the Royal Couple riding in the Royal Car. The pupils had been given flags to wave and in some places the children put pennies on the railroad tracks.

Bradford High School Class, 1957

Grade 10, Bradford High School.
Front Row - Theresa Watt, Dorothy Hamstra, Eldora Elliott, Mary Jane Collings, Barbara Saint, Eva Yaszczyszyn, Barbara Lee, Marilyn Hollingshead, Martha Roesner, Jean Horlings, Doris Griffiths.
2nd Row - Judy Whitty, Eleanor Jackson, Elizabeth Carr, Gwen Geddes, Mary Fischer, Ruth Andrews, Vivien Turner, June Nesbitt, Patricia Belfry, Mitsi Tezuka, Carolyn Schmidt, Mary Dales.
3rd Row - George Verkaik, James Verkaik, Robert Eadie, James Janse, Lee Winterkorn, Richard Jarzylo, Harold Newns, Henry Kleiss, Michael Kavchak, Paul Margetiak, Lloyd Coutts.
Back Row - Robert Kneeshaw, Donald Griffiths, Larry Belfry, Ivan Hounsome, Robert Duvall, Eric Fines, James Webb, Raymond Rand, Adolf Zielke, David Hambly.

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Bradford High School Class Photo 1931

From the Yesterdays section of the Bradford Witness:
"This is a photo of the 1931 class at Bradford High School submitted by Mr. and Mrs. Grennville Halbert. Shown in the top row (left to right) are Allan Gould, Frank Maurino, Murray Faris, Errol Gray, Don WIlson, Lou Neilly, Lorne West, James Darling, Keith Kilkenny, and Laurie Melbourne. Second row (left to right) Mr. Clary, the principal; Miss Cook, teacher; Home Henbest, Addison Black, Emory Belfry, Ivor Rogers, Marion Bell, Muriel Kneeshaw, Helen Clubine, Helen Clark, Ann Watt, and Connie Nolan. Third row (left to right) Zella Gardner, Maude Gardner, Edith Noble, Kathleen Holdane-Wilson, Marion Edney, Barbara Dunn, Evelyn Ward, Eleanor Collings, Mildred Faris, Ruth Cerswell, and Phyllis Mitchell, teacher. Bottom row (Left to right) Donna Archer, Jessie Lowry, Margery Seim, Helen Leeson, Marion Cullingham, and Evelyn Leeson. The Witness welcomes photos of interest."

75 Queen Street - Fred C. Cook Senior Public School

The Fred C. Cook Senior Elementary School is located at 75 Queen Street. It is not the original building to be found on this site. That structure was a small, two-room, grammar school from Bond Head that was loaded onto a sled and pulled by horses many years ago to the newly-formed town of Bradford. It was set among the pine trees found on a plot of land between Fletcher and Queen Streets. That structure eventually became the first high school in Bradford. It was destroyed by fire in 1890 and a new school was opened on the same site. It burned as well. The Fred C. Cook Senior Elementary School (as seen in the photo) was erected in its place in 1923 or 1924. It was built in the Colonial Revival style. A four-room wing was built in the rear school yard in 1956 (1960’s?) to alleviate over-crowding.
The main building has 2½ storeys. Its large, simple, rectangular form dominates this site. The structure is set well back from the street on a broad expanse of lawn. This positioning suggests its importance in the community. There are large window openings with high floor to ceiling heights, and a flat roof (probably covered with built-up tar and gravel). The entrance is raised one-half storey above grade level. Stairs lead directly to an over-scaled entrance door framed by white-painted pilasters and a plain, wood entablature above. The double door and transom do not appear to be original. The tall, ‘Venetian” windows (characteristic of the neoclassical style) have pilasters and three-foot ‘lights’. The first and second-storey windows are joined by recessed, wood panels. A white-painted, urn-trimmed, roof balustrade is set into a brick, parapet wall. Thin pilaster strips (set into a continuous ‘sill’ at the ground-floor level) sub-divide the front façade into multiple bays. The building has concrete, masonry construction with brick, masonry cladding, applied wood details, and a concrete foundation. According to the 2000 inventory, the building is in excellent condition with many original details.
A new, modern version of the Fred C. Cook Elementary School opened in September, 2013. It is located at 20 Fletcher Street. (1, 3, Bradford District High School’s web site)

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