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Thank you to the community, from the WEGWHIST team...

Description : The response to our book, Governor Simcoe Slept Here, has been overwhelming. It was never expected that our print run of 1,000 copies would be so well received. While there are still copies available, they are getting few in number. A sincere thank you to all who purchased a copy, or in many cases, more than 1 copy. Our appreciation also to those who have been in touch with us, to compliment us on the format and content of our book. This four-year project started in October of 2001, and culminated in our book launch on December 15th, 2005. Our publisher, Friesens and their representative Orland French provided assistance and guidance as we progressed along the path.

George Jackson

Thanks, Dr. Blackwell

"Someone would like to thank you, Dr. Gilbert Blackwell of Bradford. Her name is Helen Michalowski, she lives in Toronto now, and she's almost 60. Twenty-two years ago, Helen was a recent immigrant from Poland and she brought her seven-month-old daughter, Mary, to your 72 Barrie Street office. Helen said her child was dying and you spotted a malignant cyst behind the baby's ear. You grabbed your coat and left the regular patients in the office to drive Helen and Mary to Sick Children's Hospital in Toronto, where an operation saved the young life. Helen was poor in those days and she couldn't afford to pay you. You said that was OK. But she never forgot. Helen went through a broken marriage, six major operations of her own, and now she's married a second time. Mary just graduated from the University of Toronto and she is working as a public health nurse. After all these years, Helen dropped into your office last week to pay you - but you wouldn't hear of it. You told her you were just pleased she had come to thank you and to hear that Mary is now in the business of helping people through medicine. You said money could not make you as happy. In broken English, Helen thanks you, Doctor: 'I'd like from the bottom of my heart to thank Dr. Blackwell. My girl has brought me so much happiness.This is priceless, what he did for me. God bless Dr. Blackwell forever.'"

Bradford Witness

Town honors nine fire fighters for 30 years' service

"Lavish was the praise Monday night as approximately 200 Bradford residents gathered at the community centre to pay tribute to nine firefighters who have each given more than 30 years of service to the town..."

Bradford Witness

Town honors veterans

"While dignitaries gather at the war memorials in Normandy on Monday, June 6th a short but emotion-filled ceremony was held at the Cenotaph in Bradford. Between 50 and 60 veterans, their families, and members of the Royal Canadian Legion gathered for a Memorial Service led by Padre O. Hopkins, commemorating the 50th Anniversary of D-day. Among the dignitaries present was Mayor Pat Storey, who laid a wreath at the Cenotaph, in honor of the "boys who never came home." The Mayor was also on hand to confirm that the municipality, as part of the 50th Anniversary activities, will be following the recommendations of Chief of Police John Harrison, and renaming a number of streets after Bradford veterans. "It's something we've been trying to get on with for five years," commented Storey, noting that the proposed names have historical significance, as "the names of people that have contributed to our country and our community." Chief Harrison, who with Special Constable Les Bluestein, carried out the archival background research, told those gathered that following amalgamation, there were a number of duplicate street names in the town of Bradford West Gwillimbury. "Because of confusion in emergency situations, those street names have to be changed," the Police Chief said. Changing the names to honor veterans, living and dead, was an appropriate step, added. Councillors, in Committee of the Whole last night, voted to recommend the renaming of several streets after the veterans, "to honor those individuals while they are still living, and commemorate in part the 50th anniversary of D-Day." Barrie Street in West Gwillimbury will be known as Woolven Rd.; Centre Street in the marsh will be Noble St.; Church St. in Bond ...
(Page 2) ...Head - Booth St.; Simcoe Place i Bradford - Kneeshaw Place; Simcoe Road in Bond Head - Hopkins Rd.; Simcoe Street (the bend from Luxury to the canal) - Walker Avenue; Turner Rd in West Gwillimbury - Breeze Drive; and the Service Road on the north side of Highway 88 - McKinstry Road. For biographies of the veterans see pages 18 and 19."

Bradford West Gwillimbury Times

Tree Honoured

"Innisfil township's first historical plaque was unveiled Sunday afternoon at the farm of Harold Webb on the 13th concession. The plaque commemorates Innisfil's part in 1853, of supplying the tree that would be the mast for the largest ship in the world -- the 693-foot Great Eastern. This 120 foot log was hauled to the water by ten teams of horses. The plaque was unveiled by Hilton and Judy Webb, fourth and fifth generation members of the Webb family."

Tribute to a special kind of man - Frederick Christopher Cook editorial

"He was a special kind of man. A ready smile, a razor-sharp wit and a concern for his fellow man.... these were the engaging qualities of Frederick Christopher Cook, town councillor, churchman and fraternal brother. Fred Cook was an unassuming man, who reached out and touched the lives of thousands of people. His dedication to public service as a town councillor will be remembered by the many Bradford ratepayers who came to know him and trust him as a man of honesty and directness. Fred was a warm man, who understood people's problems and did all he could to solve them. Besides his open humbleness, he was a man who was concerned about the future of his community."

Bradford Witness

Two Lieutenant Governor Ladies

Lieutenant Governor Onley's wife Ruth Ann looking at a former Lieutenant Governor's wife; Elizabeth Gwillim Simcoe in the form of her commemorative statue at the official unveiling in Bradford West Gwillimbury.

Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library

Two named for medals

" West Gwillimbury council has nominated Earl Rowe of Newton Robinson to receive one of the jubilee medals being minted by the federal government in recognition of Queen Elizabeth's 25 years on the throne. Mr. Rowe is a former MP and MPP and he was Ontario's lieutenant-governor from 1963 to 1968. Bradford council also recently nominated lawyer Charles Evans, former Warden of Simcoe County to receive a jubilee medal."

Unveiling of the Elizabeth Gwillim Statue

Tony Guergis (Warden of Simcoe County), Ruth Ann Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario David C. Onley and Mayor of Bradford West Gwillimbury Doug White at the official unveiling of the Elizabeth Gwillim Simcoe statue.

Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library

Unveiling of the Elizabeth Gwillim Statue

Julia Munro, Mikki Nanowski, Brenda Wainman Goulet (sculptor), Art Meeke and Jim Culbert standing with the Elizabeth Gwillim Simcoe statue at the official unveiling ceremony in Bradford West Gwillimbury.

Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library

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