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111 Barrie Street

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-03-12-02

111 John Street West

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-04-06-02

112 Frederick Street

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-03-22-04

112 and 114 James Street

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-04-01-17

113 Holland Street West - Art Saint House

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-04-01-07

113 John Street East

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-04-05-05

115 Hurd Street

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-03-22-13

116 Hurd Street

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-03-22-14

116 women at annual meeting


117 Frederick Street

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-03-22-05

117 James Street - The Isaac Coburn House

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-04-01-18

119 Barrie Street

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-03-12-03

12 and 16 Holland Street West - Sutherland's Grocery

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-03-28-04

120 Holland Street West

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-04-01-08

123 Barrie Street

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-03-12-04

123 James Street

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-04-01-19

123 John Street West - The Former Presbyterian Manse

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-04-06-03

123 Moore Street

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-04-07-12

125th Anniversary Coin Mock-Up

CA BWGPL LHC-Event-Anni-Quasq-2019-03-11-11

125th Anniversary Coin Options

CA BWGPL LHC-Event-Anni-Quasq-2019-03-11-10

125th Anniversary Plate from Innisfil

CA BWGPL AR-2016-10-21-13

125th Celebration Poster

CA BWGPL LHC-Event-Anni-Quasq-2018-11-09-10

126 John Street West

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-04-06-04

129 Barrie Street

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-03-12-05

129 James Street - The Old Presbyterian Manse

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-04-01-20

13 and 15 John Street West

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-04-05-08

130 Church Street - The George Green House

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-03-18-10

130 Essa Street

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-03-21-07

131 Church Street

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-03-18-11

135 Barrie Street - The Fred C. Cook House

CA BWGPL GJ-HistBuilding-2017-03-12-06

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