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Albert Wood and Sarah Reilly with the Reilly Family

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  • 1939-05-27

Wood-Reilly Wedding. Back row: Albert Wood (groom), Sarah Reilly (bride), Josephine Reilly, Adney Howard Front row: George Reilly (father of the bride), Loreen Brown, Elizabeth Reilly If you have any additional information about this photo pleas...

Bannerman, George & Rachel Clement

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  • 1908-11-19

Event Date : Wednesday, November 18, 1908 Event Type : Marriage Description : Mrs. Rachel M. Clement, to George Bannerman, of West Gwillimbury.The wedding took place at the residence of the bride, Bradford. The ceremony was performed by Rev. C.H...

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Botham, Norval Edwin & Weir, Patricia Lois

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  • 1969-06-18

Event Date : Saturday, May 31, 1969 Event Type : Marriage Description : Patricia Lois, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Neil Weir, R.R. 1, Bradford, to Norval Edwin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Botham, Bond Head. The wedding took place in Dunkerron United...

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Campbell, Lewis Blanchard & Bell, Doris Kathleen

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  • 1962-09-19

Event Date : Saturday, September 08, 1962 Event Type : Marriage Description : Doris Kathleen, youngest daughter of Mrs. Bell and the late Mr. Ross E. Bell of Gilford, to Lewis Blanchard, only son of Mrs. Campbell and the late Mr. William L. Campb...

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Catania, James Vincent and Aida Theresa Maurino

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  • 1936-01-22

Event Date : Saturday, January 18, 1936 Event Type : Marriage Description : Aida Theresa, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Maurino, Bradford, to James Vincent, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Catania, Newmarket, at the Church of Forty Martyrs, Bradfor...

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Collings, B.B. & Etta May Waldruff

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  • 1903-10-01

Event Date : Wednesday, September 30, 1903 Event Type : Marriage Description : The wedding took place at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Waldruff, Bradford.The ceremony was performed by Rev. Joseph Young. Additional article in the October 8th edition.

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Compton, Gordon William & Ritchie, Marilyn Marie

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  • 1958-02-26

Event Date : Wednesday, February 19, 1958 Event Type : Marriage Description : Marilyn Marie, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Milton Ritchie of Bradford, to Gordon William Compton, only son of Mr. and Mrs. William F. Compton of Bradford. The w...

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Copeland, Russell and Myrtle 65th Anniversary

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Myrtle and Russell Copeland celebrate their 65th Wedding Anniversary. Accompanying story by Susan Stein: "It was a day for memories, a day always to be cherished by Russel and Myrtle Copeland, by friends and family , who came to celebrate with th...

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Cronan, Thomas Lewis & Gibbons, Florence Anne

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  • 1954-05-19

Event Date : Saturday, May 15, 1954 Event Type : Marriage Description : Florence Anne, daughter of Mrs. Gibbons of Bradford and the late Thomas F. Gibbons, to Thomas Lewis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Cronan of Gilford. The wedding took place a...

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Curry, William & Tilly Archer

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  • 1892-10-13

Event Date : October 6, 1892 Event Type : Marriage Description : Tilly, second daughter of Mrs. H. Archer, of West Gwillimbury, to Mr. William Curry, of Bradford. The ceremony was performed by Rev. F. Smith.

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