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James Edward Mills

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James Edward Mills was born in 1828 in Ireland and came to Canada when he was four years old (1832?). He married Eliza Clarke January 3, 1856.

Mrs. James Mills

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Mrs. James Mills, nee Eliza Clarke.

George Mills Family

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George Mills family. Back Row: Georgina, Sinclair. Front Row: Janet Ann Sinclair, George Mills.

James Mills

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James Mills (1786-1880).

Karon Mills

Dunkerron Methodist Church

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  • 1893

The Dunkerron Methodist Church, built in 1883. It later became United. The basswood tree, shed, and picket fence are now gone. It is believed that some people are buried beneath the front steps.

Dunkerron Methodist Church

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  • 1893

Methodist Church in Dunkerron, c. 1893. It is believed that there are some people are buried beneath the front steps.

Jimmy Welsh

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  • Pièce
  • 1940s

Mailman Jimmy Welsh on his winter route. Rural Route, Tottenham, c. 1940s. Personal mail delivery began in 1916.

Dunkerron School

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  • 1938

S.S. #1, West Gwillimbury, Dunkerron School. Teacher was Miss A.M. Lewis. Back Row, left to right: Ken Ogilvie, Donald Grant, John Kirby, Ronald Mills, Harry Holmes, John Readman, Miss A.M. Lewis in back. Front Row: Tineke Kuyper, Margaret Culler,...

Dunkerron School, S.S. #1

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  • 1943

S.S. #1, Dunkerron. Teacher was Miss Turner. Back Row, left to right: Donald Archibald, Ronald Mills, Harry Holmes, Miss Turner, Eleanor Grant, Unknown. Front Row: Joyce Kuyper, Margaret Madill, Audrey Holmes, Catherine Acton, Gerry Verkaik, Bruce...

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