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Arthur Kneeshaw
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Mayor Gordon wants reduction of town planners' activities

"At the urging of Mayor Roy Gordon, the role of Bradford's planning consultant on the town planning committee is being reduced. 'I have had the opinion the board is being run by the planner, when he should be there just for advice,' Mayor Gordon told the committee last Thursday. After the meeting, chairman Art Kneeshaw said he would "tone down" the work of consultant Bruce McLaughlin of Proctor and Redfern engineering firm. He said more work would be placed on the shoulders of committee secretary-treasurer Pat Storey. He told committee members that planning decisions are their responsibility and the planner should only be asked for advice. Mr. Kneeshaw said during the meeting that the planner has helped with his experience in other municipalities, dealing with many sorts of development proposals. And committee member Gord Compton said the committee 'would have been lost' at times without the planner's guidance. Mayor Gordon said later that he did not know how much money would be saved by having the planner attend fewer committee meetings. He said the main issue was that the committee function had become a 'morass' of planning that confuses most of the people involved."

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Church wing opened

Newspaper clipping cut out from page 5 of the November 24, 1982 issue of The Witness. The clipping includes a photograph of the dedication of the Christian education wing for the Bradford United Church, with the caption included. The caption identifies the people in the photo as building committee members Bob Sturgeon, Joe Gordon, Doug Stewart, Art Kneeshaw, and Rev. Henry Dahlin. The caption also includes information on the construction of the wing, the dedication of the wing, and other attendees not pictured.

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From saddlebag preachers to 1984

Newspaper clipping with an article about the history of the Bradford United Church in honour of the Church's 150th anniversary. The article includes a history of the congregation and the building, a list of ministers serving the Bradford and Holland Landing charge since 1926, and a list of members of the anniversary planning committee with a photo of them posed outside of the Church. Committee members are identified as Reverend Henry Dahlin, Art Kneeshaw (chairman), Ada Wilson, Marlene Annand, Phyllis Bell, Jean Gordon, Marion Noble, Irene Turner, Marg Fallis and Val McAfee.

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Application to enlarge the Bradford United Church

Typed application to enlarge the Bradford United Church, signed by Arthur Kneeshaw. Contains handwritten edits throughout in ballpoint pen. Attached handwritten note addressed to "Bob" (possibly Bob Evans) explains edits and provides further instructions and information for completing the application. Another attached note on green paper appears to identify the editor as Pat Storey.

Notice of new Congregational Board structure

Typed notice from T. E. Evans notifying the Bradford United Church congregation of the new structure of the Church's Congregational Board, dated 22 February 1973. Includes information on sub-committees of the Board and their members.

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Library Fundraising Drive

A newspaper clipping about a fundraising drive to help raise funds for a new Bradford Public Library at 100 Holland Court.

Included with the article is a picture of those involved in fundraising for the new library.
Front Row (L-R): Bill Marks, Anne Wagg, Debbie Jesk, Ryan Lamb
Second Row (L-R): Art Kneeshaw, Eleanor Sherbo, Pauline Taylor
Back Row (L-R): Ron Quinton, Dennis Roughley, Gary Lamb
Absent for photo: George Jackson, Bob Evans, Brenda Nolan

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Bradford Legion Donates to the Library

A newspaper clipping about fundraising to raise funds for a new Bradford Public Library at 100 Holland Court. Included is a newspaper photograph of (L-R): George Jackson (Library Building Committee Member), Lynn McClellan (Legion President), Anne Wagg (Library Fundraising Committee Chair), Art Kneeshaw (Library Fundraising Committee Member)

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New street names will honor Bradford West Gwillimbury vets

Continuation of veteran biographies (see Related Description: "The noise of the aircraft, the guns..."): Gunner John Douglas Breeze, 1st Lieutenant Arthur Kneeshaw, Flight Officer James M. Booth, Corporal James G. McKinstry, Signalman Lester B. Woolven, Brigadier-General (Padre) Ormand A. Hopkins

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West Gwillimbury Municipal Building Ground Breaking

Photograph from the sod turning for the new West Gwillimbury municipal building in Spring 1950.

L-R: Percy Reynolds (School Board Trustee), Joe Vernon (School Board Trustee), Wilfred Kneeshaw (Town Councillor), Bill Patchett (School Board Trustee), Ed Fennell (Town Councillor), Mac Wilson (School Board Trustee), Herbert Hughes (Town Reeve; with shovel), Mel Law (Town Councillor), Bill Melbourne (Town Councillor), Bob Westlake (School Board Trustee), Art Kneeshaw (Town Clerk Treasurer & School Board Sec. Treas.), Donald Gray (Road Superintendent), Charlie (C.T.S) Evans (Town Solicitor), Herb Stevens (Builder & Architect)

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