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Faris Farm

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Four horse team pulling plow at the Faris farm.

Faris Farm

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Horses pulling binder on the Faris Farm.

Faris, Matthew

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Matthew Faris (1854-1904), at Maple Farm.

Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library

Emerson Faris

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Emerson Faris designed and built this implement for use on his Selkirk Gardens farm, 1928-36.

Faris Family

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Faris family at Maple Farm. Back Row: Susan Black, Allan Faris, Jean Swaggerman Front Row: Murray Faris, Ruby Faris.

Faris Family

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  • 1955

From Left to Right: Gladys Kneeshaw, nee Faris Annie Stone, nee Faris Robert John Faris James Dalton Faris

Faris House

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This house was built by John Faris after he moved to Canada from County Cavan, Ireland around 1840. There is an old Scotch cemetery on the farm property.

Lylia (Bell) Culbert

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Lylia Culbert helping pick potatoes.

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