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Holland Street West, south side

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  • 1906-05-31

This photograph is of the south side of Holland Street West, looking westward. on the left side is A.Thompson's Hardware store, with the Bemrose Co. next door.

Bradford Witness

Duncan McArthur Brutally Assaulted and Robbed in his Bond Head Garage

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  • 1964-09-02

"Mr. Duncan McArthur, proprietor of the Bond Head garage, is a patient in York County Hospital, Newmarket, recovering from a brutal assault, committed in his garage last Friday night around 10 o'clock, when he was struck on the head and kicked abo...

Bradford Witness

Office Window - Vegetable Processing Strikes

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  • 1964-06-30

Article features news on strikes at Bradford's vegetable processing plants (Federal Farms and United Farms), including immigrant issues in the press, and local news.

Ina McKenzie

Looking Back Over the Century - Fire of 1871 and Holland Street businesses

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  • 1967-06-07

The Bradford Witness decided to release a series of articles from local townspeople on the history of certain events in Bradford and West Gwillimbury's time. This week, the Fire of May 25, 1871, and the businesses which rebuilt on Holland Street a...

Dorothy Cilipka

Suggest New Municipal Building on Fire Hall Site

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  • 1948-04-21

"Council Hears Veterans' Delegation - Consider Fixing Up Town hall Basement As Banquet Room The April meeting of the Village Council was held in the Council Chamber on Friday evening las with reeve Evans and Councillors Compton, Evans and Wood in...

Bradford Witness

Marking 100 Years' Continuous Business by Kilkenny Families

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  • 1957-08-07

"Frank Kilkenny and his son, Keith Kilkenny, pictured in 1938, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Kilkenny name in the same business in Bradford."

Bradford Witness

Dominion Store Managers to Get Trip to World's Fair

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  • 1939-01-11

"Mr. Ken. Keith, manager of the local Dominion Store, announces plans that Dominion Stores, Limited have completed for a chain-wide store staff contest." ...

Bradford Witness

Dial 'Phone System in Operation Here Early Sunday Last

  • CA BWGPL LHC-TownBWG-Arti-2017-03-19-13
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  • 1957-07-10

"Bradford telephone users this week were credited with contributing largely to the success of Sunday's cutover to dial operation, by C.E. Blosdale, Bell Telephone manager for this region." ...

Bradford Witness

Bradford Landmark

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  • 1965-11-17

Article about the history of Harvey's business - the Bradford Seed House building

Bradford Witness

Bradford's New Post Office is Now Nearing Completion

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  • 1936-06-03

"Ready for Installation of Interior Fittings - Will Fill Long-Felt Need and Add Much to Appearance of Barrie Street and Business Section Bradford's new Post Office building, construction of which was started late last fall, is now completed, insi...

Bradford Witness

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