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History abounds at Fennell's Corners

  • CA BWGPL PH26406

Municipality : Community : Fennell's Corners Lot : Concession : Description : The history of how Fennell's Corners came to be along with some key events that shaped it into what it is today.

Auction Sale

  • CA BWGPL PH26411

Municipality : Community : Bradford Lot : Concession : Description : An auction of farm stock and implements from the estate of the late Elmer Cairns.

Pickle and Reserve jars now collector items

  • CA BWGPL PH26412

Municipality : Community : Churchill Lot : Concession : Description : Mrs. Ruby Kell of Churchill has a small collection of colored sealers. The jars range in price depending on their place of origin and the condition of the jars. Also, the pri...

Voice Of Andes To Speak Here

  • CA BWGPL PH26458

Municipality : Community : Scotch Settlement Lot : Concession : Description : Dr. Clarence Jones founder of the Voice of Andes, radio station HCJB will address the Presbyterian congregations in the Scotch Settlement and Bradford this Sunday.

Scribe Visits A Country Auction

  • CA BWGPL PH26482

Municipality : Community : Cookstown Lot : Concession : Description : Cars were lined up along the 100-yard driveway of Jack Coutts to search for a articles that could be bought and used on their own land or in their kitchen or barn.

Historical society meeting

  • CA BWGPL PH26530

Municipality : Community : West Gwillimbury Lot : Concession : Description : Dr. Ronald Stagg will be the guest speaker at the Historical Society meeting. The topic of the week is 1837 revisited.

Joint Servicing Board for Holland Marsh

  • CA BWGPL PH26535

Municipality : Community : Holland Marsh Lot : Concession : Description : The creation of a Joint Municipal Board and Agreement. The board consists of members from King Township, Bradford West Gwillimbury, and local farmers.

31 Ontario Scholars At City High Schools

  • CA BWGPL PH26550

Municipality : Community : Barrie Lot : Concession : Description : This year the three Barrie high schools have graduated 31 Ontario Scholars -- students in grade 13 with an average of 80 per cent or better. There were 16 Ontario scholars at N...

C.A.U.S.E. O.K.

  • CA BWGPL PH26564

Municipality : Community : Bradford Lot : Concession : Description : Bradford has been accepted by the C.A.U.S.E. program, a program which sends in "SWAT" team of architects and architecture students to carry out a study of a town, and recommen...

Destroying local history

  • CA BWGPL PH26580

Municipality : Community : Bradford Lot : Concession : Description : To the Editor: It seems the town of Bradford is establishing a reputation for rapid change and with it a wanton disregard for its valuable old buildings. I am referring to the...

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