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Pumpkin Growing - Bradford Womens Institute

  • CA BWGPL LHC-Organi-WomInst-OS10438
  • Partiellement
  • 1986

South Simcoe District of the Womens Institute sponsored a pumpkin growing contest amongst school children to encourage gardening activites. The Bradford Womens Institute participated and their display at the Beeton Fair in 1986 is pictured here.

Gilford Templars Minute Book - Inside View

  • CA BWGPL AR-2018-12-24-09-2018-12-24-08
  • Partiellement
  • 1907 - 1909

A minute book from 1907-1909 for the Gilford chapter of the International Organisation of Good Templars (I.O.G.T. No. 459). The book was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Sam Neilly of Gilford.

Sam Neilly

Anne Wagg for the new Library

  • CA BWGPL LHC-Libr-LibraryLife-1980s-PH12562-OS8372
  • Partiellement
  • 1987

Anne Wagg, Chair of the Fundraising Committee holds a balloon at the Library Ground Breaking Ceremony that reads: "I support the new Bradford Library, will you?"

Bradford Train Station Renovations part 4

  • CA BWGPL LHC-Tpor-Schro-2016-12-12-03-2016-12-12-07
  • Partiellement
  • 2006-2007

Photographs of the renovation of Bradford's train station. This photo is the renovations-in-progress. The finished station are in the Related Descriptions links.

Barry Schroeder

CN Train boarding 1979

  • CA BWGPL LHC-Tpor-Schro-2016-12-12-10-2016-12-12-17
  • Partiellement
  • 1979

Photograph of the Canadian National train in Bradford in 1979 with passengers boarding.

Barry Schroeder

Mae Fuller's Record of Births - Cover

  • CA BWGPL AR-2019-02-01-03-2019-02-01-04
  • Partiellement
  • 1938 - 1947

A record book of births that occurred in the Bradford area. The record covers births attended by Drs. B. L. Sinclair and Ray Judge from 1938 - 1947 and was recorded by Mae Fuller. Fuller was an area midwife and also ran a "nursing home" out of her...

Bill Fuller

Via Rail (CP) front carriage - 1979

  • CA BWGPL LHC-Tpor-Schro-2016-12-12-39-2016-12-12-43
  • Partiellement
  • 1979

Photograph of the front carriage of the VIA Rail (CP) train passing through Bradford's train station in 1979.

Barry Schroeder

Via Rail at the Station

  • CA BWGPL LHC-Tpor-Schro-2016-12-12-39-2016-12-12-47
  • Partiellement
  • 1979-06

Photograph of the VIA Rail train passing through Bradford's train station in June, 1979.

Barry Schroeder

Table Oil Lamp Glass Top

  • CA BWGPL AR-2019-02-04-06-2019-02-04-07
  • Partiellement
  • 1880 - 1930

An oil lamp with a flat base, meant to be placed on a table.

Erica Marks

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