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Some Further Recollections of The Old Times in Bradford

  • CA BWGPL PH26638

Municipality : Community : Bradford Lot : Concession : Description : When Mr. Driffill appeared before that council asking for a by-law respecting the sale of liquor in grocery stores, there was probably simple cause for his request, as there w...

Time Draws Near For The Millennium Clock

  • CA BWGPL PH26652

Municipality : Community : Bradford Lot : Concession : Description : We, the Downtown Revitalization Committee, wish to express our thanks to all those families who have agreed to sponsor the millennium clock. The response, in only the first th...

Jason Ballantyne: The Advance

  • CA BWGPL PH26678

Municipality : Community : Bradford Lot : Concession : Description : "Well, many of us oldtimers actually still call it a township although it's really a town," shrugged Wallace, past-president of Innisfil's historical society. He and Warringto...

Railroad ties

  • CA BWGPL PH26683

Municipality : Community : Innisfil Lot : Concession : Description : Other than the sound of wind blowing off the bay, or the hum of traffic, the long-abondoned Allandale Train Station sits in silence. But at one time, the station was a hub of ...

WEGWHIST progress

  • CA BWGPL PH26692

Municipality : Community : Bradford West Gwillimbury Lot : Concession : Description : The WEGWHIST (West Gwillimbury History Project) team is happy to report that significant progress is being made, in the writing of the History of West Gwillim...

BWG Heritage Committee

  • CA BWGPL PH26725

Municipality : Community : Bradford West Gwillimbury Lot : Concession : Description : The Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury is seeking individuals who are interested in helping their community by serving on the BWG Heritage Committee. Among oth...

Allan, George B.

  • CA BWGPL 4931

Event Date : Monday, March 27, 1911 Event Type : Death Municipality : Community : New Tecumseth Description : Died at the age of 70.

Breedon, John Robert (Jack)

  • CA BWGPL 4942

Event Date : Wednesday, March 18, 1925 Event Type : Birth Municipality : Community : Bond Head Description : Son of Nat Breedon and Mary Sutherland.

Ritchie, Marion Alice and Reginald J. Coker

  • CA BWGPL 28151

Event Date : Saturday, July 08, 1933 Event Type : Marriage Municipality : Community : Other - Bradford Description : An interesting wedding took place Saturday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Ritchie, when their only daughter, Marion ...

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