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Wright Home

  • CA BWGPL LHC-FamFil-Wri-OS10226
  • 1945

Gladys and Phyllis Wright.

The Wright Family

  • CA BWGPL LHC-FamFil-Wri-OS10372
  • 1952

The Wright Family. Gladys, Phyllis, Phylip, Paul and Peter.

Wright Family

  • CA BWGPL LHC-FamFil-Wri-OS9271
  • 1926

The Wright family on their way to Canada, aboard the ship H.M.S. Andania, out of Liverpool, in 1926. Back Row, from left: Harold, Charles, Arthur, Phillip. Front Row: Sidney with Peter on his knee, Frances, Eric.

Frances Wright & Sons

  • CA BWGPL LHC-FamFil-Wri-OS8996

Frances Wright with her sons. From left: Phillip, Charles, Eric, Frances, Peter, Harold, Arthur.

Wood Family

  • CA BWGPL LHC-FamFil-Wood-OS10445
  • 1955

Bill Jr.'s family - Linda, Susie, Bobby, Doug and Bill.

Prof W.H. Day and Crew

  • CA BWGPL LHC-Her-Day-OS10020
  • Unidad documental simple

Professor W. H. Day, who initiated much of the work in the marsh operated the Kingwilbra Gardens beside Bridge Street. Tom Fuller Sr. was one of the workers on the marsh for the professor. Mr. Fuller recalled getting paid 17-cents an hour and then...

Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library

Fred Saint

  • CA BWGPL LHC-FamFil-Sain-OS8869

Fred Saint, November 12, 1897-January 1989.

Saint Family

  • CA BWGPL LHC-FamFil-Sain-OS9691
  • 1968

Fred, Lena and Norman Saint.

Sinclair and Georgina Mills

  • CA BWGPL LHC-FamFil-Mil-OS10900

Sinclair and Georgina Mills. If you have any additional information about this photo please contact the library at 905-775-3328.

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