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Bake Oven

  • CA BWGPL OS9192

The unique large bake oven is located in the kitchen wing of the Harrison house. This large oven is fifty-nine inches deep and forty-six inches wide. There is no coal chute so ashes were raked out the opening.

Turton Family

  • CA BWGPL OS9196

George and Janet Turton with their children. Roy Turton was the father of Emlyn Westlake. Back Row, from left: Roy Turton, Laura Turton, Walter Turton. Front Row: George Turton, Janet Tennant.

Williams Brothers

  • CA BWGPL OS9206
  • 1968

David and Paul Williams, sons of Tom and Dorothy Williams, on their snowmobile.

Vernon Family

  • CA BWGPL OS9221
  • 1959

Vernon family on Joe Vernon's farm, 1959.

Simpson Family

  • CA BWGPL OS9230

Grace and Archie Simpson's family. Back Row, from left: George, Diane, Grace, Archie, Gladys. Middle Row: Ken, Ruth, Ron, Shawn, Elsie. Front Row: Linda King (cousin), James King (cousin), Robert.

Harrison Family

  • CA BWGPL OS9251

Back Row, left to right: John Harrison, Unknown, Herb Taylor, Marg Taylor (Herb's wife), Kathleen (Taylor) Harrison, Maude Taylor, Harold Taylor (Maude's son). Front: Arthur, David, Donald.

Switzer Family

  • CA BWGPL OS9253
  • 1960

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Switzer and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Switzer.

S.S. #3, West Gwillimbury

  • CA BWGPL OS9256
  • 1938

S.S. #3, West Gwillimbury, 1938-1939. Back Row, from left to right: Iva Jeffery, Robert Sutherland, Joe Wood, Earl Jessop. Front Row: Bobby Wood, Mervyn Jessop, Helen Wood, Unknown, Joan Sutherland, Gordon Jeffery.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wiggins

  • CA BWGPL OS9263
  • 1952

"Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wiggins of Bradford, the former Joyce Matchett, whose marriage took place recently."

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