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Marsh Hay

  • CA BWGPL OS10104

Horse hooked up to a baler from 1907.

Plane Crash on Marsh

  • CA BWGPL OS10114
  • 1944

Camping trailer on the way to the site of the plane crash on the marsh. B.B Collings holding pale. He'd be about 64 years old here.

Sutherland Home

  • CA BWGPL OS10265

Sutherland home overlooking the marsh on Concession 3.

Grassy Meadow

  • CA BWGPL OS11160
  • 1946

Clearing Marsh land.

Houseboats on the river

  • CA BWGPL OS11162
  • 1925

Houseboats that followed the Dredge down the river.

Bridge at river

  • CA BWGPL OS11420
  • 1925

The Bridge at the river.

New dredgers

  • CA BWGPL OS11454
  • 1997

The top photo is the sketch of the original dredger designed by Cummins. The middle photo is the finished auger-type dredger by Devald that is still in use. The bottom photo is the latest in equipment designed by Konijn for clearing silt from waterways.

Award Presentation

  • CA BWGPL OS11496
  • 1975

From left to right: Wm. Watson Jr., Charlie Davis, Dick Hilliard at an awards presentation.

Emerson Machine

  • CA BWGPL OS11529
  • 1930

Side view of Emerson machine at Cottrells Garage 1930-39.

Barge with dragline

  • CA BWGPL OS11535

A Barge with drag line cleaning the river.

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