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Ellens Family

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Gordon, Trudy, Frances, and Auke Ellens in front of their home in the Holland Marsh. They are standing beside their cookstove, which was used outside the house until the chimney was installed (the chimney pictured was newly installed). Auke Ellens...

Addy Ellens

Springdale from above

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  • 1979

Springdale's main road viewed from above to see the extent of the flooding.

Toronto Telegram


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  • 1954

The hamlet of Springdale taken prior to the flood caused by Hurricane Hazel (Oct. 15, 1954) Photo is taken facing north.

Rob Watson

Springdale Christian Reformed Church

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  • 1952

The interior of Springdale Christian Reformed Church in 1952, before Hurricane Hazel in 1954.

Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library

Rich Garden Lands Flooded When Water Overflows Dikes

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  • Parte
  • 1954-10-20

"Holland Marsh residents and everyone living in this district will always remember "Hurrican [sic] Hazel" and the worst storm in Ontario's history, a storm which inundated the rich Holland Marsh gardens, ruining all crops yet to be harvested, swe...

Bradford Witness

Springdale Christian Reform Flooded

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  • 1954

View towards Springdale Christian Reformed Church from Hillsview Road.

Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library

Springdale - Aftermath of Hurricane Hazel

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  • 1954

Aerial view of Springdale Reformed Church in the flood after Hurricane Hazel

Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library