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1800s Records

  • CA BWGPL VS-1800
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1800-1899

Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library

1900s Records

  • CA BWGPL VS-1900
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1900-1999

Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library

Adair, Leonard H. & Esther Margaret Turner

  • CA BWGPL VS-1900-9791
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1943-08-11

Event Date : Saturday, August 07, 1943 Event Type : Marriage Description : Daughter of Mr. Victor Turner and the late Mrs. Turner, granddaughter of Mr. Joseph Brown of Bradford wed son of Mr and Mrs. Edwin Adair of Tottenham. Rev John McEwen off...

Bradford Witness

Agar, William & Treva Edney

  • CA BWGPL VS-1900-5481
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1939-05-03

Event Date : Saturday, April 22, 1939 Event Type : Marriage Description : The wedding took place at the Thorton Presbyterian Manse with the Rev. E. G. Robertson officiating. Treva is the fourth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Edney of Newton Robin...

Bradford Witness

Albert Wood and Sarah Reilly with the Reilly Family

  • CA BWGPL LHC-FamFil-OS10008
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1939-05-27

Wood-Reilly Wedding. Back row: Albert Wood (groom), Sarah Reilly (bride), Josephine Reilly, Adney Howard Front row: George Reilly (father of the bride), Loreen Brown, Elizabeth Reilly If you have any additional information about this photo pleas...

Alonzo & Dorothy Williams

  • CA BWGPL LHC-FamFil-PH19230
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1934

Dorothy Mary McKelvey Jackson and Alonzo Milligan Williams on their wedding day.

Mary (Williams) Lisk

Bales, Arthur & Emma Mildred Root

  • CA BWGPL VS-1900-9663
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1943-01-20

Event Date : Tuesday, January 12, 1943 Event Type : Marriage Description : Wedding was conducted by Rev. H.G. Blake.

Bradford Witness

Bannerman, George & Rachel Clement

  • CA BWGPL VS-1900-4264
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1908-11-19

Event Date : Wednesday, November 18, 1908 Event Type : Marriage Description : Mrs. Rachel M. Clement, to George Bannerman, of West Gwillimbury.The wedding took place at the residence of the bride, Bradford. The ceremony was performed by Rev. C.H...

Bradford Witness

Banting, B.W.N. & Birdie Donnell

  • CA BWGPL VS-1900-2926
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1900-05-24

Event Date : Wednesday, May 16, 1900 Event Type : Marriage Description : Miss Birdie Donnell, eldest daughter of Mr. James Donnell, of Cookstown, to Mr. B.W.N. Banting, fourth (twin) son of Col. Banting. The wedding took place at the residence of...

Bradford Witness

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