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To-morrow, Bradford's Day

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  • 1948-11-03

Two articles on the Historic day for the Holland Marsh and Village of Bradford: "According to A.H. Wilford, publisher of Transport News, the plans for "Bradford Story," to-morrow, November 4, near completion and success. Marsh gardeners, business...

Bradford Witness

Marsh Growers Give Gift To Toronto Children

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  • 1948-11-10

"After Thursday last it surely can be agreed that there never was a truer statement than "I love a parade." Wednesday evening the average citizen about town figured that Thursday's plans were going to "flop" - no one seemed to know much about them...

Bradford Witness

Governor Simcoe Slept Here The Legacy of West Gwillimbury

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  • 2006-01

Read about the pioneers who settled West Gwillimbury and left a legacy of responsible government, free schooling and community service. This hardcover, two volume book of some 900 pages contains the story of 470 families, includes pictures that wi...

Farm Review

Crown Inn Advertisement

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Advertisement for the Crown Inn in the local newspaper.

John H. Hockridge Advertisement

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  • 1872-1873

Ad for John H. Hockridge from The Simcoe County Gazetteer and Directory 1872-73.

Edward Bingham confectionary ad

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  • 1862-03-06

"Edward Bingham, Manufacturer of Cakes, Confectionery, &c. &c. Parties supplied in the best style and at the most reasonable prices. Bradford, Feb. 19, 1862."

South Simcoe Times

Inns - Bradford Hotel and Farmers' Inn

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  • 1865-02-02

Advertisement of the Farmers' Inn of Newton Robinson, and the Bradford Hotel of Bradford.

South Simcoe Times

Bradford Hotel

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  • 1862-05-29

Advertisement of the Bradford Hotel, operated by William Miller.

South Simcoe Times

George Ogilvie ad

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  • 1909-03-11

Advertisement of George Ogilvie, tailor, on Holland Street West.

Bradford Witness

Insurance and Webb's Store Ads

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  • 1944

Two ads, including Webb’s Store and Green & Cook Insurance, c. 1944.

Luanne Campbell Edwards

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