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Agnew Family

  • CA BWGPL LHC-KJ-2016-09-15-18
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Annie Agnew (nee Banting) and Robert Gordon Agnew’s children: Rae and Ruth Agnes, with little Donald Stewart. Donald is Edith Banting’s child. The big dog’s name is Patsy.

Karol Joyce

The Rowe Family - William Earl and Treva's Family

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From left to right: William Earl and Treva Rowe (holding Jane Rowe), Bill and Ruth Rowe, Isobel (nee Watson) Rowe (Earl’s mother), Isobel Lennox and her 3 children (Robert, James and Carolyn), and Lennox Rowe. Isobel Rowe was daughter to Charles W...

Karol Joyce

Banting farmhouse

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This is a photo of a farm at the North West corner of highway 27 and Beeton Road. On the left hand side of the picture stand two hired men. Edith Stewart (nee Banting), Jane Banting (nee McDermott), Bertha Banting and Annie Agnew (nee Banting), wi...

Karol Joyce

Mr. & Mrs. T.W. W. Evans

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  • 1930-1940

Mr. and Mrs. T.W.W. (Thomas Wesley Whitfield) Evans, likely around the 1930s or 1940s.

Faris Family

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  • 1940

From left: Gordon Faris with baby Mary Louise, Murray Faris, Bertha Faris, William G. Faris, and Lt. Keith Donnell Faris. Keith was killed in World War II.

Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library

Myrtle, Walter and Laura Lloyd

  • CA BWGPL LHC-FamFil-Lloyd-OS9466
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  • 1930s

Myrtle (Lloyd) Ritchie and Walter Lloyd and his wife Laura (Kneeshaw). 1930's car in the background.

Walter and Laura Lloyd

  • CA BWGPL LHC-FamFil-Lloyd-OS9351
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  • 1930

Walter Lloyd and wife Laura (Kneeshaw).

Saint, Frank and Lena

  • CA BWGPL LHC-FamFil-Sain-OS8478
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Lena Saint and her father Frank Saint.

Langford Family

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  • 2016

Back Row: Bertha Langford (nee Pettit), Keith Langford. Front Row: William Langford, Stewart Langford.

Ella Langford

Melville Williams Family

  • CA BWGPL LHC-FamFil-Peterm-OS8909
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Vera Peterman of Bradford drove the horse-drawn dairy wagon for seven years. She was the first of four Peterman girls to do so in the 35 years the dairy was running. She married Melville Williams of Tottenham. He was a blacksmith around Tottenham,...

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