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Looking Back Over the Century - Bradford Witness

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  • 1967-05-10

The Bradford Witness decided to release a series of articles from local townspeople on the history of certain events in Bradford and West Gwillimbury's time. This week, the history of the Bradford newspapers are the topic.

Bradford Witness

Garrett, Minnetta birth

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  • 1900-09-06

Event Date : Monday, September 03, 1900 Event Type : Birth Description : A daughter to Mr. & Mrs. E. Garrett.

Bradford Witness

Garrett, Ralph Llewellyn birth

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  • 1901-11-21

Event Date : Tuesday, November 19, 1901 Event Type : Birth Description : A son to Mr. & Mrs. E. Garrett.

Bradford Witness

Garrett, Roland birth

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  • 1888-05-31

Event Date : May 27, 1888 Event Type : Birth Municipality : Amsterdam Description : A son to the wife of Mrs. E. Garrett, publisher of The Witness.

Bradford Witness

Garrett, Olive birth

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  • 1892-04-14

Event Date : March 23, 1892 Event Type : Birth Description : A daughter to the wife of Mr. E. Garrett, editor of The Witness and South Simcoe Times.

Bradford Witness

C. Goode - Grain Merchant

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  • 1906-05-31

Article describing the business and life of Mr. C. Goode, grain merchant and owner of the Goode Elevators. Article from 1906.

Edmund Garrett

Garrett, Mrs. Susanna obituary

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  • 1954-06-09

Event Date : Saturday, May 29, 1954 Event Type : Death Municipality : Saskatchewan Description : A resident of Saskatchewan for 44 years, Mrs. Susanna Garrett died Saturday, May 29, at her home. She was 94 years of age. The funeral was held Tuesd...

Bradford Witness


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  • 1910-05-26

Article written by Edmund Garrett on his departure as Editor of the Bradford Witness

Bradford Witness

Garrett, Ralph Llewellyn death

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  • 1902-06-26

Event Date : Saturday, June 21, 1902 Event Type : Death Description : Died at the Lakeside Home, Toronto. Youngest son of Mr. & Mrs. E. Garrett, of Bradford. Age: 7 months, 2 days.

Bradford Witness

Garrett, George E. & Annie S. Martin

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  • 1905-11-02

Event Date : Thursday, October 26, 1905 Event Type : Marriage Description : George E. Garrett, eldest son of Mr. E. Garrett, editor of The Witness, to Miss Annie S. Martin, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Martin, of Beeton. The wedding took place a...

Bradford Witness

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