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George Green
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Green, George & Jessie Rae

  • CA BWGPL VS-1900-4364
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1909-07-29
  • Parte deVital Statistics

Event Date : Wednesday, July 21, 1909
Event Type : Marriage

Description : Jessie Elaine, daughter of the late Frances Rae, to George Gibson Green, only son of Mr. & Mrs. R.F. Green, Bradford. The wedding took place at the residence of the bride's mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Rae, Oshawa. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Hodge. The couple will reside on Church St.

Bradford Witness

1 and 3 Holland Street East

The building located at 1 Holland St. East (on the northeast corner of Holland and Barrie Streets) is part of what is known as the Green Block. The structure was originally owned by Mr. Green, who lived with his family on the west side of Church St. in the hotel. The Masonic Hall is still found upstairs at this location in 2014. (1, 2)
Many businesses have been located at 3 Holland St. East (on the northeast corner of Holland and Barrie Streets) over the years. They include a grocery store, a boot and shoe shop (run by Charlie Wilson), an insurance company (that was later run by Fred Cook), a delivery service for C.N.R. (first by horse and buggy, then later by Model T Ford), a hamburger stand (run by Harold ‘Butch’ Boyd), and a telephone office. The first private telephone came to Bradford in 1885 and was run by a number of businessmen. There were ten phones only for Bradford. A garage was later added at the back at the laneway for trucks and cars. (1, 2)

George Jackson

Financial Statement Letter

Letter about Bradford municipal finances.

"...I beg to hand you herewith statement Financial for this Corporation covering the past Year and which I trust will be found in order..."

John Harrison

Power for Train Station

  • CA BWGPL JH-2019-06-20-12
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1918-07-04 - 1918-08-07
  • Parte deJohn Harrison Fonds

Correspondence relating to supplying the Bradford train station with power and light, dated 1918.

John Harrison

Samuel Lukes' Telephone

  • CA BWGPL JH-2019-06-20-24
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1918-07-12 - 1918-07-13
  • Parte deJohn Harrison Fonds

Letter from Samuel Lukes dated July 12, 1918 and a response letter from the Municipal Clerk of Bradford dated July 13, 1918. Lukes' letter is in regards to using the new hydro-electric poles to hold his telephone line from his home to his flour mill. The lines were taken down with the telegraph poles when hydro-electric poles were to be put in place.

John Harrison

Hydro-Electric Power Debentures

  • CA BWGPL JH-2019-06-20-26
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1918-03-20 - 1918-07-06
  • Parte deJohn Harrison Fonds

Correspondence and documents related to the sale of debentures by Bradford in order to fund the introduction of hydro-electric power in the area, dated 1918. Items include offers to buy the debentures. The offer from W. L. McKinnon & Co. was accepted by the Council.

John Harrison

Dog Tax Tags

Booklet of dog tag options and dog tag order for the Corporation of Bradford, dated January 15, 1918.

John Harrison

Municipal Return - Debts

Two copies of a municipal statistical information return, each with slightly different notes. The return provides information on the debts of the Village of Bradford for 1918.

John Harrison

John Harman Assessment Appeal

An notice of assessment for John Harman. The appeal section is filled in to announce the attention of disputing the assessment. Appeals would have been heard by the Court of Revision.

John Harrison

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