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Bond Head School SS #5 Class Photo 1934

  • CA BWGPL WEG-Sch-OS8839
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1934

S.S. #5, Bond Head School, 1934. Teacher was Edna Ball. Back Row, left to right: Elmer Barker, Unknown, ? Copeland, Edna Ball (teacher), Unknown, Lorne Barker. Middle Row: Bill Murray, Al Harvey, Dorothy Copeland, Paddy Clarington, Eileen Dixon, D...

New Bond Head School S.S #5

  • CA BWGPL WEG-Sch-OS10410
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1954

The New S.S. # 5 West Gwillimbury School at Bond Head. This building was erected on the same property just south of the 80 year old school. The one-classroom brick structure, built by Contractor Wilfred Halbert from Thornton had windows all along ...

Bond Head Public School Class Photo 1896

  • CA BWGPL WEG-Sch-OS8460
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1896

Bond Head Public School. Teacher was Miss Taylor. Back of photo reads, "Mrs. Kathleen Watt, 1580 Bathurst St. Apt. 23, Toronto." Kathleen Smith Watt is in the back row. Annie Smith Tomlin is the fifth person from the left in the second row.

Bond Head School, S.S. #5 Class Photo 1945

  • CA BWGPL WEG-Sch-OS8344
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1945

Bond Head Public School, 1945. Teacher was Lylia Bell (Mrs. Culbert). Back Row: Wallace Reynolds, Art Preece, Marie Wilson, Stewart Reynolds, Jean Reynolds, John Preece, Wilma Hansford, Joe Reynolds, Mary Mellon, Jim Thompson, Gloria Duncan, Bud B...

Bond Head School Class Photo 1924

  • CA BWGPL WEG-Sch-OS10569
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1924

S.S. #5 Back Row (l-r): Reta McLean, Annie Copeland, Isobel Noble, Dorothy Stone, Teacher Miss Janet McLeod, Cladwyn Burton, Edna Webb, George Gummerson, Clarence Clark, Bill Watt, Joe Noble. Middle Row (l-r): Jack McLean, Allan Gould, Earl Hemphi...

Bradford Public School Class Photo 1929

  • CA BWGPL WEG-Sch-OS10412
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1929

Top row (from the left): Edith Morton, Irene Brown, Muriel Houghton, Rita McLean, Evelyn Lang, Mr. Jones, Harvey Jeffrey, Jack Armstrong, George Stoddard, Jack Grey, James Bateman. Second row: Jean Robinson, Norma Walker, Lena Maurino, Helen Kings...

Catholic School

  • CA BWGPL DC-PH3674
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  • 1978

This building was built in about 1950 as catholic school, and has since been used as a nursery school and seniors centre.

Dorothy Cilipka

Bradford Public School

  • CA BWGPL LHC-BraPh-OS10187
  • Unidad documental simple

An old time postcard featuring Bradford Public School. This photo is from the Bradford Womens Institute Scrapbooks.

Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library

Old Bradford High School

  • CA BWGPL LHC-BraPh-OS8603
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This high school was located on Queen Street in Bradford. This is a picture taken soon after the building was constructed in 1892 as the trees and bushes surrounding the school are still quite small. The first head master was S. Arthur Marling. Th...

Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library

Coulsons Hill School

  • CA BWGPL WEG-Sch-OS10644
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1953

S. S. # 12, Coulson's Hill, 1953. Back Row (l-r): Paul Kneeshaw, Don Wood, Jack Hambly, (Teacher) Miss. Lois Menery, Doug Devall, Ron Kneeshaw, Larry Edney. Front Row: Beverly Kneeshaw, Mary Lou Kneeshaw, Jean Sturgeon, David Hambly, Bob Devall, B...

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