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Canada 150 Quilt

  • CA BWGPL 2019-05-30-01
  • Item
  • 2017-04-27

Event Date: May 30th 2019
Event Type: Donation
Municipality: Bradford Ont.

Description: Canada 150 Quilt donated to the BWG Local History Association. Handmade by Nancy Young & Kathy Clarke.

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Speech for Sunday Service, June 25 1995

Typed speech given by Margaret Irene Turner for Sunday Service at the Bradford United Church on June 25, 1995, including mentions of her family's involvement with the Methodist Church at Mount Pleasant and a story about "Caroline's quilt." Includes an attached handwritten "sequel" written and signed by Margaret Irene Turner, expanding on the story of the quilt.

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Bradford Times Article - Canada 150 Quilt

  • CA BWGPL 2017-05-11-01
  • Item
  • 2017-05-11

Event Date: May 11th, 2017
Event Type: Newspaper article
Municipality: Bradford, Ont.

Description: Bradford Times article describes creation of Canada 150 quilt and its creation and donation.

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Memorandum - Mission statement

Typed memorandum dated 20 September 1992 from Gayle Lucas, treasurer for the United Church Women (UCW) group, to Irene Turner, reflecting on Lucas's involvement with the Church.

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