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Simcoe County Council

  • CA BWGPL OS10003
  • 1885

Simcoe County Council in 1885. From left to right: R. Paton (Warden), Reeve, Sunnidale; J. McAfee, Deputy-Reeve, West Gwillimbury; A. B. McPhee, County Auditor; C. H. Ross, Reeve, Barrie; D. Dunn, (ex-warden), Reeve, Essa; S. M. Sanford, County Treasurer, Barrie; J. B. Horrell, Reeve, Midland; Samuel Frazer, First Reeve, Tay.; D. Loftus, Deputy-Reeve, Flos.; J. Beardsley, Messenger, Barrie; P. H. Stewart, County Auditor; G. Moberly, Reeve, Collingwood; J. T. Harvie, Reeve Gravenhurst; S. J. Reed, Deputy-Reeve, Innisfil; J. Quinn (ex-warden), Reeve, Orillia Town; W.J. Beatty, Deputy-Reeve, Tay.; W. Wright, Reeve, Alliston; J. Gallagher, Reeve, Tosorontio; J. Kelly, Reeve, Adjala; P. O'Connor, Deputy-Reeve, Medonte; W. LeCamp, Deputy-Reeve, Tiny; A. Wiancko, Reeve, Morrison; A. Thomson, Reeve, Orillia and Matchedash; P.Small, Deputy-Reeve, Adjala; Jas. Ross, Deputy-Reeve, Oro; A. H. Smith, Reeve, Monck.; G.P. McKay, M.P.P., Reeve, Innisfil; W. Switzer, Deputy-Reeve, Sunnidale; Nelson McRae, Reeve, Tiny; Thos. Pearcy, 2nd Deputy-Reeve, Barrie; S. Rogers, 2nd Deputy-Reeve, Essa; John Ross, 1st Deputy-Reeve, Innisfil; H. W. Manning, Reeve, Bradford; Jas. Hamilton, 1st Deputy-Reeve, Nottawasaga; A. Suffern, Reeve, Watt.; J. M. Tasker, Reeve, Reay.; Rev. Thos. McKee, P.S.I., South Simcoe; A. Nicol, Reeve, Stayner; C. Robertson, Reeve, Cardwell; Lt.-Col., R.T. Banting, County Clerk; Geo. M. Evans (ex-warden), Reeve, West Gwillimbury; J. F. Lyons, 1st Deputy-Reeve, Essa; Jonathan Sissons, Reeve, Vespra.; Wm. McDermott (ex-warden) Reeve, Tecumseth; R. Calhoun, 2nd Deputy-Reeve, Tecumseth; J. Leach, 3rd Deputy-Reeve, Nottawasaga; Arthur Craig, Reeve, Medonte; C. Harvie, Deputy-Reeve, Orillia and Matchedash; A. S. Kirkland, Reeve, Nottawasaga; T. Scott, Reeve, Humphrey; N. E. Greenaway, Reeve, Tosorontio; J. Nettleton, Deputy-Reeve, Collingwood; C. Cooke (ex-Warden), 1st Deputy-Reeve, Tecumseth; E. Cox, Reeve, Wood and Medora; J. B. Thompson, Deputy-Reeve, Orillia Town.; J. C. Morgan, P.S.I., North Simcoe; J. Dickinson, 1st Deputy-Reeve, Barrie; W. Millie, 2nd Deputy-Reeve, Nottawasaga; Dr. P. H. Spohn, Reeve, Penetanguishene; C. Drury, M.P.P., Reeve, Oro.; A. Finlay, Deputy-Reeve, Vespra.; O. J. Phelps, M.P.P., (ex-Warden), Reeve, Flos.

Visible Past

Halbert Farm

  • CA BWGPL OS10007

Mildred and Grenville Halbert Farm.

Drumlin Stones

  • CA BWGPL OS10009

This stone from the drumlin on the 8th line, west of sideroad 5 is a little larger than the usual size when you are picking stone in a farm field.

Thomas Nelson's Foundry Work

  • CA BWGPL OS10010
  • 1870

This well preserved match safe, 9" long x 4 1/2" wide, with its Masonic symbols, was molded in Thomas Nelson's Foundry in Bond Head c. 1870. Marion McKibbon, his granddaughter, presently owns it.

Robert Lowe

  • CA BWGPL OS10011

Robert Lowe (1796-1880).

Gibbons Family

  • CA BWGPL OS10012

Thomas Francis, Anne Marie and Charles Joseph Gibbons.

Town Hall Musical

  • CA BWGPL OS10013

If you have any additional information about this photo please contact the library (905-775-3328).

Morrison Family

  • CA BWGPL OS10014
  • 1948

Ruth, Ronald and Gail Morrison.

Architecture of Evans/Hayhurst Home

  • CA BWGPL OS10016

An original cast iron lock with porcelain knob in 1858 in the Evans/Hayhurst house. This style of lock was in fashion circa 1860 to 1900.

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