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37 Queen Street - The Thompson Fisher House

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  • 1995

The Thompson Fisher House is located at 37 Queen St. (on the northeast corner of Queen and Rebecca Streets). It was built around 1880 in the Eclectic Neoclassical style. It belonged to J.C. Wood in the 1950’s. He was the principal at the original,...

Nancy Smith

75 Queen Street - Fred C. Cook Senior Public School

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  • 1996

The Fred C. Cook Senior Elementary School is located at 75 Queen Street. It is not the original building to be found on this site. That structure was a small, two-room, grammar school from Bond Head that was loaded onto a sled and pulled by horses...

Nancy Smith

Bradford High School

  • CA BWGPL LHC-BraPh-BW1906-2017-04-24-17
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  • 1906

This portrait is of the original Bradford High School on Queen Street. The picture is followed by an article on its history, and pictures of its principal, George A. Carefoot, and of the Members of Bradford High School Board of 1906. The members w...

Edmund Garrett

Bradford High School - Class Photo 1944

  • CA BWGPL WEG-Sch-OS10558
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  • 1944

Back Row (l-r): Dyce Sturgeon, George Fuller, R. Osadchuk, Stewart Calhoun, Ross Stewart, Keith Bowles, Jack Gardner, Mirasla Osadchuk, ? Holancin, Don Gardner, Bob Bell, Joe Motto, Joe Kulka, Ken Brown, Mike Simurda, Paul Kolarik, Chris Brouwer, ...

Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library

Bradford High School - Form 1 1927

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  • 1927-09-14

Bradford High School, Form 1. Back Row, from left to right: Helen Clark, Marjorie Seim, May Parks, Zelda Fox, Mabel Andrews, Miss Bertha Collins (Teacher), Anne Watt, Mamie Catania, Donna Archer, Constance Ward, Ruth Cerswell. Third Row: Miss Anna...

Bradford High School

Bradford High School - Form 2 & 3 1927

  • CA BWGPL LHC-Schoo-OS10238
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  • 1927

Bradford High School Front Row: Herb. Taylor, Mac Wilson, Keith Faris, Beverly Hartman, Ron Sutherland. Second Row: Jessie Melbourne, Marg. Gowland, Jim Worfolk, Clarence Cook, Homer Henbest, George Hartman, John Clubine. Third Row: Miss O'Neil, A...

Bradford High School - Form 4 & 5 1927

  • CA BWGPL LHC-Schoo-2019-07-23-12
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  • 1927-09-14

Photograph of Bradford High School students in Room 4 & 5, 1927. The back of the photograph lists names of students and is signed by students in the photo. Fourth Row (L-R): Aleta Gould, Eileen Haldane-Wilson, Gladys Sheldon, Margaret Neilly, Flo...

Dorothy Bell

Bradford High School Class Photo 1917

  • CA BWGPL WEG-Sch-2017-03-14-14
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  • 1917

From the Yesterday section of the Bradford Witness: "Max Morris of Stayner submitted this week's photo of a class at the old Bradford High School around 1917. The building burned down in 1921. In the back row from the left are Mr. Harrison, princi...

Max Morris

Bradford High School Class Photo 1931

  • CA BWGPL WEG-Sch-OS10345
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  • 1931

Bradford High School Students, 1931, Form 4 and 5. Jim Worfolk, Marion Cullingham, Kathleen Wilson, Ann M. Watt, Ronald Sutherland, Unknown, Jessie McLowry, Unknown, Ruth Cerswell, Keith Kilkenny, Billie Day, Unknown, Louis Neilly, John Clubine, E...

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