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Riley Farm

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Riley families house and barn on the 9th Concession, Lot 6 in West Gwillimbury.

Lloyd Family farm

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Walter Lloyd on the tractor with his daughter Helen on his knee. John Lloyd and Isobel Kneeshaw on the tractor and Steve Katrinak (hired hand) on the binder.

Williams, Alonzo

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  • 1940

Alonzo Milligan Williams farming in the 1940s.

Hughes Home

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  • 1930

One of the early pioneer families was the Hughes family who continue to live on this homestead.

Hughes Barn

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Barn on the (Roy, Orville) Hughes farm, the south half of Lot 1, Concession 2. The Hughes' farm shows two styles of barns. The early shed roof on the left and then the hip roof on the right barn (added in 1937).

Connie Hughes

Samuel & Marianne Hughes Family

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Back Row: Unknown, Phoebe (Hughes) Robertson, Fred Willis, Unknown, Norman Walker, Joel Hughes. Front Row: Elizabeth (Hughes) Willis, Samuel L. Hughes, Marianne Hughes, Rachel (Hughes) Walker, Albert Robertson.

Threshing on the Faris Farm

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  • 1892

Threshing at the Faris Farm circa 1892, showing the stationary steam engine, and the barn of the era, with no foundation on the north half of lot 12, con. 5.

Marsh Land

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  • 1946

Freshly broken marshland in 1946. The break in the tree line is for Highway 400.

Hay at the Lloyd Farm

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  • 1953

Loading hay on the Lloyd farm.

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