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Armstrong/Metcalfe House

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The Armstrong/Metcalfe home was located on the 6th line. It was reported to be the earliest brick house in West Gwillimbury. The centre gable was a later addition. The features include a basement kitchen, front Venetian windows and a nine-panel fr...

Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library

Davis Stoddart / Frank Ritchie farm house

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  • 1934

"Farm home owned by Frank and Mima Ritchie. This picture was taken during the 1930's by their son-in-law, Reginald Coker. The farm was owned by the Ritchie family and was worked and operated as a dairy farm first by father Frank Ritchie, and then ...

Alan Ritchie

Gummerson Home

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R. Gummerson home with school in the background.

Stoddart/Ritchie House

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  • 1850

Description : See "Davis Stoddart / Frank Ritchie farm house" for more information on the home.

Dorothy Cilipka

The Pines

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  • 1968

This home is located on the corner of Church and Queen St. It is an early Gothic style house with gingerbreading on the eves. It was made of a rare pink brick, possibly created in Newmarket. The house was built in 1850 by Mark Scanlon, a lawyer,...

Dorothy Cilipka

Woods Home

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Bill Woods' home. The Wood’s brothers built these post war houses about 1946.

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