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Sir William Mulock

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Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library

Watson, Charles

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Charles Watson Sr., whose first wife was Carolyn Sproule with whom he had all his children with, and whose second wife was Sarah McKeeman- with whom he had no children.

Karol Joyce

Faris, Susannah Goodfellow

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Susannah Goodfellow Faris

Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library

Faris, Peter

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Son of Matthew Faris, 1935, who was the son of original John Faris from Carrigallan, Co. Cavan (now Eire).

Lloyd, Laura

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  • 1930

Laura (Kneeshaw) Lloyd with a 1920's car in the background.

King, Walter & Stella

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Bradford's Walter King was 31 years old when this photo was taken in 1914. Mr. King is shown with his new bride Stella Kneeshaw. The wedding took place two days before on the Kneeshaw farm on the 6th line of West Gwillimbury and the couple moved t...

Madeline (Evans) Bowles

Banting, Mary Jane

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Mrs. Mary Jane Banting (nee Cruthers), wife of Robert Thompson Banting.

Banting, Robert Thompson

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Mr. Robert Thompson Banting, who married Mary Jane Cruthers.

Sawyer, Florence Bateman

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  • 1900s

Florence Bateman Sawyer born 1881 and died 1912. If you have any additional information about this photo please contact the library at 905-775-3328.

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