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S.S. #5, Bond Head School

  • CA BWGPL WEG-Sch-OS8565
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1913

S.S. #5, Bond Head School. This one-room schoolhouse was built in 1874

WEGWHIST Collection

Bond Head School Class Photo 1954

  • CA BWGPL WEG-Sch-OS10304
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1954

Mrs. Viola Burden and the students who moved into the new Bond Head School 1954 Back Row: Etta Whiteside, Merle Reynolds, Rachel Feaver, Allan McLean, Norm Harvey, Don Whiteside, Richard Sweeney, Keith Reynolds, Gord Brown, Karl Reynolds, Teacher ...

Bradford Public School Class Picture 1926

  • CA BWGPL WEG-Sch-OS8990
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1926

Bradford Public School, Teacher: Mr. Atkinson Front Row: Elenor Colling, Jean Robinson, Harold*, Lewis Walton, Belfry*, Gordon Ogilive, Jim Church, James Elwood, Cavallo*, Keith Kilkenny Middle Row: Donald Wilson, Fred Nesbitt, Irwin McLean, Marga...

SS #10: Newton Robinson Public School

  • CA BWGPL WEG-Sch-OS9432
  • Unidad documental simple

Newton Robinson Public School between 1906-1912. This school possibly began in the 1830s when it was Latimer's Corners, though the structure in the photograph was from 1875 on land purchased from James Downey. It joined with SS #12 of Tecumseth. T...

Bradford High School - Form 1 1927

  • CA BWGPL LHC-Schoo-OS8779
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1927-09-14

Bradford High School, Form 1. Back Row, from left to right: Helen Clark, Marjorie Seim, May Parks, Zelda Fox, Mabel Andrews, Miss Bertha Collins (Teacher), Anne Watt, Mamie Catania, Donna Archer, Constance Ward, Ruth Cerswell. Third Row: Miss Anna...

Bradford High School

S.S. # 16, Gilford

  • CA BWGPL WEG-Sch-OS10628
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1950

S. S. #16, Gilford, 1950 Back Row l-r: Shirley Henderson, Helen Nesbitt, [?], Margaret Rox, Willard Everton, Charles Young, John Dales, Bill Henderson, Teacher, Miss Gladys Bell Middle Row l-r: [?], Joan Everton, Doris Griffiths, Mary Dales, Doug ...

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Bond Head Public School Class Photo 1948

  • CA BWGPL WEG-Sch-OS8540
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1948

S.S. #5, Bond Head Public School. Back Row, left to right: Lucy Aitchison (teacher), Mildred Reynolds, Marion Burton, Alice Smith, Joyce Reynolds, Marguerite Dermott, Walter Reynolds, Wallace Reynolds, Stewart Reynolds, Douglas Reynolds. Middle Ro...

Bradford High School - Class photo 1925

  • CA BWGPL WEG-Sch-OS11100
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1925

A class photo for rooms 4 and 5 of Bradford District High School, from 1925.

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