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Gres, Sherilyn Anne birth

  • CA BWGPL 20433
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1964-01-01

Event Date : Friday, December 20, 1963
Event Type : Birth

Description : At York County Hospital, Newmarket, a daughter to Ed and Mary Gres, a sister for Darlene and Kathryn.

Bradford Witness

Trailer Town to be Established Here

"To help solve the housing problem for the thousand or more people made homeless by the flood a trailer town is being planned.
Bradford Rotary Club members are in charge of this project and the objective is 100 trailer cabins to be located on the ball grounds. It is proposed to install showers and toilet facilities to serve this big trailer camp.
The search for a sufficient number of trailers is already underway."

Bradford Witness

Notice to Owners

Two 'notice' articles for home owners and helpers of flood relief.
"Notice to Owners of Dishes at Town Hall
All who have sent pots, pans and dishes to the town hall with food are requested to call at the town hall as soon as possible and pick up their belongings. Workers can't look after the quantity of containers that is accumulating and you will help them by attending to this matter promptly."

"Advice to Owners of Submerged Motors
One of our local garage men has suggested that owners of all motor vehicles and motorized equipment, which has been submerged in water, heed the following advice: 'Do not turn over motors until magnetos and ignition system have been thoroughly dried out.' "

Bradford Witness

Editorial: A Statement of Policy

Editorial based on "The heroism, the generosity, the untiring labor, the unselfishness, and the sympathy in this time of disaster have been overwhelming..." from the Hurricane Hazel edition of the Bradford Witness.

Bradford Witness

Effort to Reclaim East of Highway 400

"Personal disability adding to the confusion of getting copy written for this week's newspaper, in which it is desirable that as much of the March flooding disaster be recorded as possible, a report of some of the plans as reported in the Globe and Mail are being copied. ..."

Bradford Witness

Hurricane Hazel 50th Anniversary

"With the Hurricanes battering Florida and the Caribbean this season - Charley, Frances, Ivan and now Jean - residents may be thinking about Ontario's own brush with a hurricane, back in 1954.
Fifty years ago, Hurricane Hazel swept into Southern Ontario, confounding the meteorologists who were predicting little more than the usual "tail end" of the storm, and days of moderate rains. Instead, residents were buffeted by hurricane force winds and heavy rains that caused severe flooding - especially in the Holland Marsh. ..."

Bradford West Gwillimbury Times

Debris along Hwy 400

Debris from the marshland piling up along Highway 400. Photograph from Betty Kennedy's 'Hurricane Hazel,' found in the Local History Collection.

Toronto Telegram

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