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Farm Account Book

A farm account book covering 1874 - 1877. A line piece of paper pasted on the inside states:

"Schedule [of?] the person at property of the late Joseph Lynd August 4 1874..."

C. Goode Grain Elevators

Article from the May 31, 1906 - special edition of the Bradford Witness and South Simcoe News featuring local businesses and members of the community. This article provides a history of the grain elevator business previously on the site of the current GO Train Station on Bridge Street. Farmers around town would bring in their grain to the elevators by wagon and sleighs in order to have their grains bought. The highest bidder would then direct the farmers to their specific grain mills to be processed. The building was demolished by the end of the Second World War.

Bradford Witness

Hurricane Aftermath

Municipality : West Gwillimbury
Community : Holland Marsh
Lot : 8
Concession : 3

Description : This photo is taken from west of Hwy. 400 after Hurricane Hazel (Oct. 15, 1954). Debris is shown piled up along Hwy. 400, which is on the far side of the hydro poles. The top of a long pile of bagged onions can be seen in the foreground. Note: onions were not used as sandbags.

Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library

Flooded Onion Field

Municipality : West Gwillimbury
Community : Holland Marsh
Lot : 8
Concession : 3
Description : A flooded field facing north east from Hwy. 400 after Hurricane Hazel (Oct. 15, 1954). In the foreground is the service road that runs beside Hwy. 400 between Hwy. 9 and the Canal Road. Bags of harvested onions are stacked in the field.

Rob Watson

Cookstown Fair Music Performance

  • CA BWGPL MK-1992-2018-06-29-13
  • Pièce
  • September 1992
  • Fait partie de Miriam King fonds

Photograph of two violinists and a percussionist performing at the Cookstown Fair in September of 1992.

Miriam King

Canal Bank

Marsh Canal

Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library

$19,000 bull

"Agriculture Minister William Newman was on hand last Wednesday with cattle owner John Devins for a special service. The men were celebrating the first time an imported breed of cattle has been sent back to its country of origin. John Devins' Charolais bull, Jericho, has been sold to French cattlemen for $19,000."

George Jackson

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