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Book Assembly

A group photo of the West Gwillimbury History Project (WEGWHIST) group during the assembly of the Governor Simcoe Slept Here: The Legacy of West Gwillimbury book.

WEGWHIST Collection

Book Launch

Description : Don't forget to order your copy of Governor Simcoe Slept Here, the History of West Gwillimbury Township. The 2-volume history, 900 pages filled with information on 470 families and crammed with photographs, can be ordered for only $55 prior to the Book Launch on December 15th; $65 per copy afterwards. Cheques should be made payable to the Bradford West Gwillimbury Local History Association. The official book launch is scheduled for December 15th, 2 p.m. at St. John Presbyterian Church, at the 8th Line and 10 Sideroad - just in time for Christmas.

Bradford West Gwillimbury Times

Bradford's Sesquicentennial involves the Township, too...

"Bradford celebrates its 150th Anniversary in 2007.
While some suggest that the celebration doesn't concern the Township area, the Bradford West Gwillimbury Local History Association has a different take on the matter. The Association points out that the relationship between Bradford and the Township of West Gwillimbury has always been strong, predating incorporation..."

Bradford West Gwillimbury Times

Bringing history groups together

The annual Meeting of the Bradford West Gwillimbury Local History Association will be held in the Compton Room of the Bradford Public Library on Saturday, December 8th, 1:30 p.m. The BWG Local History Association was formed 17 years ago, in the spring of 1990, and has retrieved and documented many of the details of the history of this area, supported the Local History Room in the Library, and recently, published the 2-volume book, "Governor Simcoe Slept Here." The Association is now taking on new responsibility as the umbrella organization for other history-related groups in the community - The Gwillim Group, which has brought the statue of Elizabeth Gwillim Simcoe to Bradford; the Scotch Settlement Historical Association; and the WEGWHIST Group. The arrangement will provide an affiliation with the Ontario Historical Association that will open the door for sponsorship and fundraising in support of the Town's historical features. The Association has been involved in book writing, editing and sales for the past 4 years; now that Governor Simcoe Slept Here has been completed, the focus is returning to researching and recording local history, and there are opportunities for residents to get involved. Are you interested in history? Do you have time to research on line, index and file, or set up and explore your own special local history project? Come to the meeting to discuss the opportunities.

Bradford West Gwillimbury Times

Congratulations, to the WEGWHIST team

Description : It was a magnificent effort: for 4 years, volunteers with the Bradford West Gwillimbury Local History Association and the community at large worked together as the "WEGWHIST" team, putting together a History of West Gwillimbury. The result was a 2-volume set, Governor Simcoe Slept Here: The Legacy of West Gwillimbury, containing the stories, records and photographs of the families that settled the Township. MP Peter Van Loan flew in to attend, and praised the book as a "remarkable and strong community project - a gift from older generations to younger generations. I commend you all, and I congratulate you all." The book was published by Friesens Corporation of Altona, Manitoba, thanks to seed money provided by the Municipal council, an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant, and contributions from Patrons. George Jackson, who chaired, co-ordinated and drove the process from the beginning thanked a long list of those involved.

Correction - Governor Simcoe Slept Here

Description : In the recently published book, "Governor Simcoe Slept Here: A legacy of West Gwillimbury," there is an error on page 792. Part way down the first paragraph, the text should read: "Beatrice was born September 25, 1910, and died November 17, 1992. Evelyn was born March 14, 1917, and married Bob Stafford on August 17, 1940. They had two children, Jean and Don. Evelyn died April 6, 1991." Apologies to Marion West, who submitted this story, and to the West family for the typing error that occurred when transferring the story to the computer.

Discover the joys of local history... Governor Simcoe returns

Description : For the past few months, I have had the absolute pleasure of taking a trip down memory lane, by reading "Governor Simcoe Slept Here: The Legacy of West Gwillimbury." I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to those who generously volunteered their time to compile and publish this historical account of the Township of West Gwillimbury. The historical data give the readers a good view of how the Township got its origin. Just as an individual family or farm can't stand alone, neither can a Township, without the intermingling of the small hamlets. It is so interesting to read how places like Pine Hill and Ham's Corners derived their names, just to mention a few. Many of those with whom I have spoken referred to the book as "only about the Township," making it of no interest to Bradford residents. I disagree. Bradford figures prominently in the book, for it was the source of industry and market for many of the rural farms in the surrounding community. Bradford was also the hot spot for social gatherings. Trips from the hamlets into Bradford on Saturday evenings were a weekly highlight for many families.

Mikki Nanowski

Gov. Simcoe is back!

The transport truck arrived early Monday morning, with the reprinted copies of Governor Simcoe Slept Here: The Legacy of West Gwillimbury. If you have purchased a pre-publication copy, you may pick up your copy from Kelly in the Local History Room of the Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library. Please bring your receipt. Copies can also be picked up at the WEGWHIST CarrotFest Booth today, August 19th. If you did not pre-order a copy, they are now available at the post-publication price of $75. Governor Simcoe Slept Here is a handsome, 2-volume set that makes a splendid gift for anyone interested in local history or genealogy - a book that will bring back memories, and in doing so, provide a record of the lifestyle of early days in West Gwillimbury.

Bradford West Gwillimbury Times

Governor Simcoe Slept Here

Description : It was the realization of a 4-year dream... Back in 2001, George Jackson, founder and chair of the Bradford West Gwillimbury Local History Association, broached the idea of a comprehensive history of the Twp. of West Gwillimbury. The book would focus on the founders and settlers of the Township, the farming families, the businesses, and the flavour and character of life in a rural Township. Jackson quickly drew together a team of enthusiastic volunteers, many of them members of the Local History group, but also others, eager to participate and explore their own genealogy and heritage. In all, 115 volunteers spanning 5 generations took part in the "WEGWHIST" Project. They collected family histories and stories, tracked down archival records, collated photographs that spanned the decades, and worked with staff at Friessens Publishing in Altoona, Manitoba, to put together "Governor Simcoe Slept Here - The Legacy of West Gwillimbury Township." The original idea was to print 750 copies of a 500 page book. The book is now 825 pages, in 2 volumes - with scores of photographs, and a CD that contains a 100-plus page index with over 10,000 entries, and 140 color plates of the Twp. One thousand copies have been printed; 750 were pre-sold, before the launch. The book was formally launched on December 15 at St. John's Presbyterian Church in Bradford. Over 100 people turned out to watch as the volunteers were thanked, and a presentation copy, piped into the room, was presented to the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury by Jackson and Association Secretary, Barbara Verney. Deputy Mayor Dennis Roughley accepted the copy on behalf of the municipality.

Bradford West Gwillimbury Times

Governor Simcoe Slept Here: The Legacy of West Gwillimbury

Description : Following four years of volunteer work by a team of members of the Bradford West Gwillimbury Local History Association, Governor Simcoe Slept Here - The Legacy of West Gwillimbury was launched on December 15th. In October, 2001 over forty people responded to the initial invitation to meet and discuss the possibility of writing a history of West Gwillimbury and they choose to call themselves WEGWHIST - West Gwillimbury History. The book was written by a team of 15 Bradford West Gwillimbury residents. Governor Simcoe Slept Here tells the story of the two waves of pioneer settlers to West Gwillimbury - the Scottish, Irish and English, who settled on the highlands during the 1820 - 1830 period and the European settlers who arrived a century later to the Holland Marsh. Churches, schools and hamlets are documented in the two volumes, along a CD which includes "The Many Faces of West Gwillimbury" as photographed by Franz Aschwanden, a listing of the Marsh Land Owners in 1949 and a Genealogical Index of the Families.

WEGWHIST Collection

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