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Bradford High School

This portrait is of the original Bradford High School on Queen Street. The picture is followed by an article on its history, and pictures of its principal, George A. Carefoot, and of the Members of Bradford High School Board of 1906. The members were Dr. L.H. Campbell, T.W.W. Evans, H.S. Broughton, A. Neilly, E. Garrett, and Robert Stewart.

Edmund Garrett

Bradford High School - Class Photo 1944

Back Row (l-r): Dyce Sturgeon, George Fuller, R. Osadchuk, Stewart Calhoun, Ross Stewart, Keith Bowles, Jack Gardner, Mirasla Osadchuk, ? Holancin, Don Gardner, Bob Bell, Joe Motto, Joe Kulka, Ken Brown, Mike Simurda, Paul Kolarik, Chris Brouwer, Don Coates, Norm McKay Gordon James, Doug Harvey.
Third Row (l-r): Evelyn Doane, Helen Wood, Grace Kell, Ruth Baynes, Ellen Norman, Doreen James, Ann Sklencar, Edith Dow, Marie Bell, Audrey Cameron, Jean Lee, Doreen Simpkins, Betty Spence, Mary McKay, Joyce Gibney, Irene Moriarty, Mary Sturgeon, Mary Fennell, Marguerite Ramsay, Anne Kachmar, Doreen Everett, Catherine Watson, Helen Bell, Gwen Coborne, Ruth Cordingly.
Second Row (l-r): Doris Archer, Joyce Brown, Isobel Kneeshaw, Dorothy Turner, Doris Bell, Eleanor Grant, Marjorie Evans, Mary Lennox, Eva Moyer, Mary Carter, Kathleen Hosegood, Margaret Walker, Mr. Ray Dorland, Miss Cunningham, Mr. Joe Wood, Miss Lyons, Miss Connie Nolan, Charlotte Lee, Sadie Yoshamira, Betty Coutts, Pauline Iceton, Joan Saint, June Duncan.
Front Row (l-r): Mike Brinkos, Nick Grencer, Merv Jessop, Austin Wiggins, John Vdovjak, Bob Wood, John Lee, Tom Brown, (Unknown), Jack Doane, Carl Bowles, Bruce Collings, Ross Wilson, Keith Blackwell, Gord Riley, Pete Vander Kleyn, Charlie Wilcox, John Bell, Stewart Langford, Lorne Metcalfe, Dennis Nolan, Jim Morlock, Stanley Brown.

Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library

Bradford High School - Form 1 1927

Bradford High School, Form 1. Back Row, from left to right: Helen Clark, Marjorie Seim, May Parks, Zelda Fox, Mabel Andrews, Miss Bertha Collins (Teacher), Anne Watt, Mamie Catania, Donna Archer, Constance Ward, Ruth Cerswell. Third Row: Miss Anna O'Neil (Teacher), Gwen Ward, Grace Brown, Kathleen Wilsone, Audrey Courtney, Mr. E.J. Keenan (Principal), Evelyn Thorpe, Mary Loblaw, Wilma Slack, Bertha Berry, Miss Marion George (Teacher). Second Row: Aubrey Belfry, Elgin Connell, Don Wilson, Victor Cummings, Bruno Cavallo, James Darling, Allan Gould, Keith Kilkenny. Front Row: Harold Knibbe, Earl Gray, Bryon Loblaw, Gordon Ogilvie, Errol Godwin, Charles Nesbitt.

Bradford High School

Bradford High School - Form 2 & 3 1927

Bradford High School Front Row: Herb. Taylor, Mac Wilson, Keith Faris, Beverly Hartman, Ron Sutherland. Second Row: Jessie Melbourne, Marg. Gowland, Jim Worfolk, Clarence Cook, Homer Henbest, George Hartman, John Clubine. Third Row: Miss O'Neil, Audrey Bales, Blossom Dales, Amelia Hambly, Dorothy Faris, Principal E.J. Keenan, Ruby Belfry, Janet Pringle, Alma West, Dorothy Stone, Connie Bateman, Miss George. Fourth Row: Ruth Roberts, Dorothy Reeves, Irene Archibald, Gladwyn Burton, Kathryn Hambly, Miss Bertha Collins, Marjory Wilson, Amy Archer, Mae Madill, Valerie White, Zella Gardener.

Bradford High School - Form 4 & 5 1927

Photograph of Bradford High School students in Room 4 & 5, 1927. The back of the photograph lists names of students and is signed by students in the photo.

Fourth Row (L-R): Aleta Gould, Eileen Haldane-Wilson, Gladys Sheldon, Margaret Neilly, Florence Clark, Bertha Collins, Grace Kingsley, Marion Kneeshaw, Lyall Hartman, Gladys Moriarty, Emily McDonald
Third Row (L-R): Anna O'Neil, Ida Day, Rae Green, Nella McLean, Peg Davey, E. J. Keenan, Aileen Nolan, Marion Evans, Margaret Keenan, Julia Norfolk, Marion George

Second Row (L-R): Brock Evans, Keith Armstrong, Ellis Pringle, Norman Collings, Oliver Gould

First Row (L-R): Aubrey Stewart, Willard Stewart, Oliver Connell, Joe Miller, Billy Willson, Bert Culbert

Catherine Callaghan

Bradford High School class of 1934

"The styles have changed, but high school students haven't changed all that much from the days this photo was taken at Bradford High School in 1934. Front row, Mildred Faris, Orma Wilcox. Second row, Norma Walker, Vira Sutherland, Mildred Feaver, Etta Hunter, Irene Brown, Eileen Church, Mary Webb. Third row, Frank Edney, Edward Dunn, Harvey Jeffries, George Stoddart, Lorne West, Don Wilson."

Bradford Witness

Bradford High School Class Photo 1917

From the Yesterday section of the Bradford Witness:
"Max Morris of Stayner submitted this week's photo of a class at the old Bradford High School around 1917. The building burned down in 1921. In the back row from the left are Mr. Harrison, principal; the name of the teacher in the middle is not known, the other teacher is the late Mrs. Gardner of Meaford (nee Jessie Curry, sister of Harvey Curry of Bradford). The names of the other students in the next two rows are not known, Mr. Morris writes, except for Hipwell, Sturgeon, Clubine, and Spence. Max Morris himself is on the outside right in the top row. Students in the front row from the left are Kenneth Cummings, Charlie Brown, Bowser, Jim Webb, Mike Saint, Fred McLeod. Second row, Kathleen Collings, Metcalf, Dorothy Bell, unknown, and Constance Nolan. The Witness welcomes photos of interest, especially from the Tecumseth area."

Max Morris

Bradford High School Class Photo 1931

From the Yesterdays section of the Bradford Witness:
"This is a photo of the 1931 class at Bradford High School submitted by Mr. and Mrs. Grennville Halbert. Shown in the top row (left to right) are Allan Gould, Frank Maurino, Murray Faris, Errol Gray, Don WIlson, Lou Neilly, Lorne West, James Darling, Keith Kilkenny, and Laurie Melbourne. Second row (left to right) Mr. Clary, the principal; Miss Cook, teacher; Home Henbest, Addison Black, Emory Belfry, Ivor Rogers, Marion Bell, Muriel Kneeshaw, Helen Clubine, Helen Clark, Ann Watt, and Connie Nolan. Third row (left to right) Zella Gardner, Maude Gardner, Edith Noble, Kathleen Holdane-Wilson, Marion Edney, Barbara Dunn, Evelyn Ward, Eleanor Collings, Mildred Faris, Ruth Cerswell, and Phyllis Mitchell, teacher. Bottom row (Left to right) Donna Archer, Jessie Lowry, Margery Seim, Helen Leeson, Marion Cullingham, and Evelyn Leeson. The Witness welcomes photos of interest."

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