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1905 Ontario Lacrosse Association Champion pendant

Pendant from the 1905 OLA Championship for Bradford. Walter Reeves, Town Constable of Bradford from 1929-1946, was a well known lacrosse star from this match. The medal is inscribed with Walter's name on the back.

Bill Marks

1923 Bradford vs. Oxford-Cambridge Lacrosse guest ribbon

Ribbon for the guests of the August 17, 1923 lacrosse match between Bradford and Oxford-Cambridge. Walter Reeves, Town Constable of Bradford from 1929-1946, was a well known lacrosse star who was invited to this match.

Bill Marks

Bradford Baseball Team

Bradford Baseball team 1947-1948.
Back Row (l-r): Steve Simone, Art Kneeshaw, Art Evans, Ernie James, Ken Tupling, Leighton Giffen, Ross Clubine, George Carson, Roger Giffen, Joe Magani.
Front Row (l-r): Jack Gardner, Bus Carter, Floyd MacDonald, Bob Fallis, Roy Collings, Mac Tobias, Ted Gapp.

Bradford Junior Lacrosse Champions

Bradford, the Ontario Junior Lacrosse Champions, 1902.
Back Row, left to right: W.L. Campbell, W. Ward, E. Jackson, Geo. Bell, G.G. Green, W. Turner, J. Curry, N. Strong.
Middle Row: Roy Hill, H. Heffernan, R. Manning, Dr. L.H. Campbell, Geo. Stewart, N. Stibbs.
Front Row: H. Wilkinson, Jas. Webb, Dave Ellerby, Fred Coombs, J. Farrell, R. McKinstry, H. Graham.

Bradford won the same championship title in 1904 and 1905.

Bradford Lacrosse Club

Photograph of the 1908 Intermediate O.L.A. Champions.

Front Row: W. Reeves, Rex Morris (Mascot), J. Webb.

Middle Row (left to right): L.H. Campbell, W.C. Davey (Ex-President),
W.L. Campbell (Sec'y Treas.), T.E. Bell(President),
G.G. Green (Ex-President), B.B. Collings (Captain), L. Cotton.

Back Row (left to right): J.H. Martin, O. Robinson, N. McKinstry,
J. Sutherland, W.G. Sutherland, Robert McKinstry,
R. Anderson, E.V. Graham, L. Church.

Bill Marks

Lacrosse Club Banquet

An article about a lacrosse club banquet held at the North American Hotel and attended by Bradford's team. It highlights Lewis Campbell's reception of a silver badge for his contributions to the team.

Luanne Campbell Edwards

Lacrosse Team Canada

A photograph printed in the Yesterday newspaper section of the Bradford Witness. It shows Canada's national team in 1907. Bradford members on the team included V. Graham (top row, second from left), Dr. Lewis H. Campbell (top row, third from left) and Fred Coombs (front row, seated)."

The newspaper caption reads (note that the year and Dr. Campbell's first name are incorrect, see above for clarification): "Canada's recent Lacrosse world championship victory in England could mark a revival of our truly national sport. In Bradford Lacrosse was widely played early this century with the area producing several world-class competitors. This photo, submitted by Thomas Pratt of Islington, shows Canada's national team of 1915. Bradford members on the team include V. Graham, second from left, top row, Dr. Lou Campbell, third from left top row, and Fred Coombs, seated in front."

L.H. and W.L. Campbell Lacrosse Medals - Back View

One side of two Canadian Lacrosse Association Championship medals awarded to William L. Campbell and Dr. Lewis H. Campbell. Both men were on Bradford's lacrosse team , Dr. Campbell won a medal for 1902 and 1905 and William won one for 1905. This side of each medal has engraving, including of two lacrosse sticks.

Luanne Campbell Edwards

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