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Aerial of Boyd Gang Bank Robbery

Aerial view of Bradford shows the bank at the corner of No. 11 Highway and the town's main street. The four bandits escaped with $4,200 through dusty back streets with Cons. Wilson in rapid pursuit. The hold-up car was abandoned midway between Holland Landing and Sharon, where the men got into another stolen car to make good their getaway, minutes before police converged on the scene. Robbery was in full view of police office.

Bank patrons - Boyd Gang Bank Robbery

"I was so frightened I could hardly move," said John Welgen, a marsh gardener, who entered the bank a few minutes before gunmen with his wife and daughter, Stephanie, two. They were forced to lie on the floor along with members of the staff.

Boyd Gang Bank Robbery

Telephone operator who saw bandits flee was Wilma Hansford, at left. Next is A.L. Veale, manager; and Phylliss Hunt of staff. Arthur Evans witnessed gunfight and Raymond Thoms, 12, was on street as bandits fled. J. Harvey, right, dodged shots.

Toronto Star

Boyd Gang Bank Robbery sketch

Staff artist's sketch shows how the robbery was executed by men, who forced people to lie on floor and then looted tills. Constable is also depicted as he went upstairs for revolver and entered into gun duel with men who nearly hit him.

Bullet - Boyd Gang Bank Robbery

Bullet found on street after hold-up is shown by Lorne Fines. After examining the location of bullet holes in the abandoned getaway car, under close guard as a garage, police hinted at least one of the thugs may have been wounded by constable.

Bullet holes - Boyd Gang Bank Robbery

Two bullets which missed Cons. Wilson are indicated here, lodged in doorway by Nick Bicko, left and Emery Sarasin, who saw the shooting. Wilson was out for a casual stroll near the bank when he became suspicious. He went to room and got gun.

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