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Discover the joys of local history... Governor Simcoe returns

Description : For the past few months, I have had the absolute pleasure of taking a trip down memory lane, by reading "Governor Simcoe Slept Here: The Legacy of West Gwillimbury." I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to those who generously volunteered their time to compile and publish this historical account of the Township of West Gwillimbury. The historical data give the readers a good view of how the Township got its origin. Just as an individual family or farm can't stand alone, neither can a Township, without the intermingling of the small hamlets. It is so interesting to read how places like Pine Hill and Ham's Corners derived their names, just to mention a few. Many of those with whom I have spoken referred to the book as "only about the Township," making it of no interest to Bradford residents. I disagree. Bradford figures prominently in the book, for it was the source of industry and market for many of the rural farms in the surrounding community. Bradford was also the hot spot for social gatherings. Trips from the hamlets into Bradford on Saturday evenings were a weekly highlight for many families.

Mikki Nanowski

Editorial: A Statement of Policy

Editorial based on "The heroism, the generosity, the untiring labor, the unselfishness, and the sympathy in this time of disaster have been overwhelming..." from the Hurricane Hazel edition of the Bradford Witness.

Bradford Witness

Editorial: Living Through Disaster

Editorial from the Globe & Mail, on the experiences of those who went through Hurricane Hazel in the Toronto and Southern/Central Ontario region.

Bradford Witness

First BDHS Yearbook Editorial

An editorial by Grade 13 student Barbara Saint, found inside of the first published yearbook of Bradford District High School for the 1959-60 school year.

Bradford District High School

Holland River or Schomberg River?

An editorial disputing the claim that the river flowing through Bradford is actually called the Schomberg River. The common name for the river in Bradford is the Holland River. Article appeared on page one and six of the newspaper.

Bradford Witness

McKenzie, Stewart Scott editorial obituary

Event Date : Thursday, June 19, 1975
Event Type : Death

Description : Bradford lost a dedicated citizen last week when Stewart Scott McKenzie died in York County Hospital, Newmarket. For many years, Mr. McKenzie and his wife Ina, were the editorial voice of Bradford when they operated the Bradford Witness Publishing Company for a period of 37 years. Stew was a popular member of the community, working not only as publisher of the flourishing little paper but serving on the village council, the arena board and in his church. His skills in the printing trade were well known throughout the district as the publishing company served many customers over a wide area. But Stewart McKenzie's real mark on life was his zest for living. A veteran of World War I, Stew returned suffering from impaired hearing and the shock of living man's inhumanity to man. While this experience had a profound effect on his life, Stew managed to present a sunny disposition and was well loved by the community. Stewart McKenzie was the kind of man who helped make this community strong and his country strong. He felt a strong sense of responsibility toward his fellow man. Above all he was a newspaperman and one who was dedicated to making our world a little better place in which to live.He will be sorely missed.

Bradford Witness

Some agrominium facts

"I would like to commend both your staff and paper for the coverage given to both the Planning Board meeting and the Council meeting in West Gwillimbury regarding Crang Agrominium. However, there are a lot of facts that I would like the residents of West Gwillimbury to understand about the Agrominium proposal that I am sure they are not aware of..."

Frances Reid

Thank you to the community, from the WEGWHIST team...

Description : The response to our book, Governor Simcoe Slept Here, has been overwhelming. It was never expected that our print run of 1,000 copies would be so well received. While there are still copies available, they are getting few in number. A sincere thank you to all who purchased a copy, or in many cases, more than 1 copy. Our appreciation also to those who have been in touch with us, to compliment us on the format and content of our book. This four-year project started in October of 2001, and culminated in our book launch on December 15th, 2005. Our publisher, Friesens and their representative Orland French provided assistance and guidance as we progressed along the path.

George Jackson

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