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Anne's Style Shop Ad

An ad for Anne’s Style Shop in Bradford from 1957. Appeared in the Bradford Witness.

Luanne Campbell Edwards

Bradford 40 Years Ago

An 1903 reprint/summary of parts of the March 26th, 1863 edition of the South Simcoe Times. Printed by the Bradford Witness as part of the "Bradford 4_ Years Ago" series. It has significant information and parts from the mentioned edition.

Luanne Campbell Edwards

Bradford 41 Years Ago

An 1904 reprint of part of the April 2nd, 1863 edition of the South Simcoe Times. It was printed by the Bradford Witness as part of the "Bradford 4_ Years Ago" series. It has happenings related to Bradford ratepayers and town council.

Luanne Campbell Edwards

Bradford 41 Years Ago - Politics and Ratepayers

An 1904 congratulatory article for Robert Stewart, who had been town clerk since 1861. The article also lists Simcoe County's representatives in 1863. Part of the "Bradford 4_ Years Ago" series printed by the Bradford Witness.

Luanne Campbell Edwards

Bradford Gazette

A newspaper from November 3, 1988. The opening ceremony for the new Bradford Public Library at 100 Holland Court was that week on November 6, 1988.

Bradford Public Library

Bradford Scholar Awards

Image of a newspaper article from the Toronto Star, dated November 22, 1934. It announces that the Minister of Education will make a speech at grad and students who will receive awards.

  1. Lewis Campbell
  2. Gilbert Blackwell
  3. Wilma Glover
  4. Robert Brown
  5. Thomas Bateman
  6. Margaret Bateman
  7. Helen Cullingham
  8. Audrey Keith
  9. Isabel Sutherland
  10. Norman Ogilvie

Luanne Campbell Edwards

Bradford Today Final Issue

Segment on the front page of the final issue of Bradford Today. It reads:
"This is the final issue of Bradford West Gwillimbury Today.
Given the economic times and the advertising support the Today is receiving, publisher Simcoe-York Printing & Publishing has decided to cease publication.
We opened the paper in order to fill a gap left when the Gazette folded.
After a year of publication, Today is still not profitable and Simcoe_york decided that it was time to pull out and wish the Bradford West Gwillimbury Times well in its efforts.
To those who welcomed us and supported us. We thank you."

Bradford Today

Bradford Witness - May 31, 1906 edition

This edition of the Bradford Witness is located in the Local History Room, and is in particular a very noteworthy edition. The printing of this edition included many photographs of local businessmen, houses, storefronts, churches, and of the main streets. It also included mini-biographical articles of the people included, acting as a local history gold-mine for Bradford's early 1900s. We have included some of these photographs and articles here, though a full copy of the text and photographs was reorganized thematically by the Bradford West Gwillimbury Historical Society in 1997.

Edmund Garrett

Bradford Witness on Barrie Street

The Bradford Witness was the local newspaper. It was first published on February 20, 1879 by Mr. E. Garrett. He was born in Hampshire, England, but settled in Bradford with his parents when he was only one year old in 1856. Before starting The Witness, he worked for Mr. Broughton who published the South Simcoe News, another Bradford newspaper. The fire of 1892 destroyed the offices of The Witness, and the two papers amalgamated, with E. Garrett as proprietor.

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