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Ogilvie Declaration of Qualification

Declaration of Qualification made by Bradford Councillor George Ogilvie, signed January 2, 1918. Declaration confirms that the candidate fulfills the requirements to run for office.

John Harrison

Political Gathering

An article about a gathering hosted by the Bradford and West Gwillimbury Liberal Conservative Associations.

Luanne Campbell Edwards

Ron Simpson Death

An article announcing the death of and paying tribute to Ron Simpson.

"St. John's Presbyterian Church was filled yesterday with people mourning the death and celebrating the life of longtime Bradford West Gwillimbury Councillor Ron Simpson...Mr. Simpson, a custom homebuilder by profession, has been a councillor since 1985 for all but one term.,,"

Bradford Topic

Simcoe Centre MPP D. Arthur Evans

"To save 32 million acres of food-growing land is to interfere with the delicate buyer and seller relationships of the marketplace. Massive state intervention in the marketplace does guarantee absolutely that the productive capacity of Ontario's farmers will be severely restricted by a new host of governmental restrictions and directives. If you examine the food growing capacity of certain totalitarian nations such as the Soviet Union, the state of that country's agriculture is nothing short of national disaster."

George Jackson

Simcoe County Commissioners and Officials 1908

Photograph from 1908 of the Simcoe County commissioners and officials of that time period, including A.E. Scanlon representing Bradford and Wm. Wood representing West Gwillimbury.

Top Row: J.T. Simpson (Dep. Reeve Tiny), Wm. Matthews (Reeve, Sunnidale), A. Jackel (Dep. Reeve Midland), A.W. Beardsley (Messenger), Wm. Leach (Dep. Reeve Nottawasaga), F.H. Bell (Reeve Oro), Robt. Bell (Dep. Reeve Flos), J.H. Mitchell (Reeve Alliston), W.R. McLean (Dep. Reeve Oro), A.E. Scanlon (Reeve Bradford), T.B. Cramp (Dep. Reeve Orillia), A.A Cunningham (Dep. Reeve Orillia Township), Jas. Dundas (Dep. Reeve Essa), E.A. Little (Surrogate C. Clerk)

2nd Row: John McCosh (County Court Clerk), Jas. Stafford (Dep. Reeve Tiny), Jos. Caldwell (Reeve Vespra), J.J. Mitchell (Dep. Reeve Medonte), Jos. Pierson (Reeve Tecumseth), Thos. Shaw (Reeve Matchedash), Thos. Goodeve (Reeve Adjala), Geo. Copeland (Reeve Penetanguishene), A.C. Garden (Reeve Barrie), Jas. Moore (Reeve Tossorontio), G.E.J. Brown (Reeve Creemore), J.R. Harvie (Reeve Orillia Township), C.J. Picotte (Reeve Tiny), W.M Harvey (Sheriff), J. Sissons (Jailer)

3rd Row: J.R. Cotter (Crown Attorney), H. Grose (Reeve Innisfil), E.T. McConkey (Dep. Reeve Innisfil), Wm. Wood (Reeve West Gwillimbury), W.B. Sanders (Reeve, Stayner), D.C. Barr (Reeve Collingwood), Walter Lawson (Reeve Tay), Jas. Vair (1st Dep. Reeve Barrie), A.P. Potter (Reeve Tottenham), Jas. McDermott (Reeve Flos), Alex. Ingram (Reeve Midland)

Sitting Row: R.J. Fletcher (Clerk), W.F. Toner (2nd Dep. Reeve Collingwood), C.G. Millard (Reeve Coldwater), M. Clark (1st Dep. Reeve Collingwood), W.C. Goffatt (Reeve Orillia), Alex Woodrow (Reeve Midland), Jas. Jardine (Reeve Nottawasaga), Rich. Bell (Reeve Essa), Dan. Quinlan (County Treasurer)

County of Simcoe

Stiff measures

"Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau spoke to members of the Ontario Weekly Newspaper Association last Friday. He answered questions about the government's wage and price controls and threatened stiffer measures if the controls do not stop inflation. The press conference was held in the Royal York Hotel after Trudeau addressed a Rotary Club luncheon."

C.E. Jackson

Street Lighting Petition

A petition addressed to council related to street lights in Bradford, dated May 10, 1902. Petition is signed by various residents and business owners in Bradford. This includes J. S. Brydon, M. J. Sutherland, L. C. Cement, James Church, F. Moore, J. M. B. Stephens, Mr. Turner, William Spence, William Campbell, George Poole, F. W. Moore, A. Neilly, A. Armstrong, William Hackridge, Charles Adams, W. D. Watson, C. Hill, L. Dixon, L. J. McConkey

John Harrison

The McCague family

"The McCague family joined husband and father George on the podium after his nomination victory a week ago Tuesdday. The Conservative MPP will again represent Dufferin-Simcoe in the provincial election. From left to right are Barry, Heather, Ross, Raymond, and wife Elaine."

George Jackson

The young don't trust business

"At the first conference of employees in the Consumer and Commercial Relations Ministry, the Honourable Sidney Handleman presented a survey of consumer attitudes taken in North Bay recently. Aside from revealing that the vast majority of consumer protection law, the most startling revelation concerns the attitude of young people towards the business. That concerns me. It should concern small business people even more. What is even more startling is the result of the question, "How much profit out of each dollar do you think food chains make after taxes"? The answers covered the gambit from nothing to $2. One food chain in its 1976 annual report stated that "earnings per dollar of sales were less that 8-10 of a cent, compared with one cent per dollar in the same period last year..."

Bradford Witness

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