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Bradford High School - Form 1 1927

Bradford High School, Form 1. Back Row, from left to right: Helen Clark, Marjorie Seim, May Parks, Zelda Fox, Mabel Andrews, Miss Bertha Collins (Teacher), Anne Watt, Mamie Catania, Donna Archer, Constance Ward, Ruth Cerswell. Third Row: Miss Anna O'Neil (Teacher), Gwen Ward, Grace Brown, Kathleen Wilsone, Audrey Courtney, Mr. E.J. Keenan (Principal), Evelyn Thorpe, Mary Loblaw, Wilma Slack, Bertha Berry, Miss Marion George (Teacher). Second Row: Aubrey Belfry, Elgin Connell, Don Wilson, Victor Cummings, Bruno Cavallo, James Darling, Allan Gould, Keith Kilkenny. Front Row: Harold Knibbe, Earl Gray, Bryon Loblaw, Gordon Ogilvie, Errol Godwin, Charles Nesbitt.

Bradford High School

Bradford High School - Form 2 & 3 1927

Bradford High School Front Row: Herb. Taylor, Mac Wilson, Keith Faris, Beverly Hartman, Ron Sutherland. Second Row: Jessie Melbourne, Marg. Gowland, Jim Worfolk, Clarence Cook, Homer Henbest, George Hartman, John Clubine. Third Row: Miss O'Neil, Audrey Bales, Blossom Dales, Amelia Hambly, Dorothy Faris, Principal E.J. Keenan, Ruby Belfry, Janet Pringle, Alma West, Dorothy Stone, Connie Bateman, Miss George. Fourth Row: Ruth Roberts, Dorothy Reeves, Irene Archibald, Gladwyn Burton, Kathryn Hambly, Miss Bertha Collins, Marjory Wilson, Amy Archer, Mae Madill, Valerie White, Zella Gardener.

Bradford High School - Form 4 & 5 1927

Photograph of Bradford High School students in Room 4 & 5, 1927. The back of the photograph lists names of students and is signed by students in the photo.

Fourth Row (L-R): Aleta Gould, Eileen Haldane-Wilson, Gladys Sheldon, Margaret Neilly, Florence Clark, Bertha Collins, Grace Kingsley, Marion Kneeshaw, Lyall Hartman, Gladys Moriarty, Emily McDonald
Third Row (L-R): Anna O'Neil, Ida Day, Rae Green, Nella McLean, Peg Davey, E. J. Keenan, Aileen Nolan, Marion Evans, Margaret Keenan, Julia Norfolk, Marion George

Second Row (L-R): Brock Evans, Keith Armstrong, Ellis Pringle, Norman Collings, Oliver Gould

First Row (L-R): Aubrey Stewart, Willard Stewart, Oliver Connell, Joe Miller, Billy Willson, Bert Culbert

Catherine Callaghan

Bradford High School Entrance Examinations

An article with the results from the Bradford High School Entrance Exam.

Roland Garrett
Elmer Kneeshaw
John Faris
Thomas Sloane
Gertrude Kneeshaw
May Saint
Beatrice McLean
Harry Armstrong
James C. Smith
Percy Selby
Lenna Dedman
Howard Graham
Bert Harman
Wilfred Magee
Fred Collings
Alice King
Alice Holtorf
Philip Boddy
Florence Stibbs
Luella Kneeshaw
Helen Kiteley
Irene Gordon
DOnald McKay
Harry Fraser
Ferguson Sutherland
Lorenzo Harvey
Dorothy Tyrwhitt
Hattie Cobourn
Olive Bateman
Harry Manning
Rolson McAfee
Norman Steele"

Luanne Campbell Edwards

Bradford High School Exams

An article about Dr. Lewis H. Campbell. He is mentioned as one of the students from Bradford High School travelling to Toronto for exams.

Luanne Campbell Edwards

Bradford High School Students - 1919

Photograph students in Form I standing on the steps outside of Bradford High School on November 5, 1919.

Teachers (L-R): Mr. Charles W. Harrison, Miss E. Henry, Miss Jessie Curry

First Row (L-R): Cedric Hipwell, Norman Plant, Lyland Sturgeon, Emmerson Spence, Russel Bowles, Max Morris

Second Row (L-R): Vivian Bowles, Alberta Stoddart, Elizabeth Evans, Laura Kneeshaw, Pearl Metcalfe, Kathleen MacLean

Third Row (L-R): Kathleen Collings, Ruby Metcalfe, Dorothy Bell, Joyce Miller, Constance Nolan

Fourth Row (L-R): Kenneth Cummings, Charlie Brown, Howard Bowser (also written as Bowsher), Jim Webb

Catherine Callaghan

Bradford Model School Promotions 1901

An article listing the students who were promoted to the next grade level, dated 1901.

"Promotions, June, 1901.
JR. IV to SR. IV.
Marion Fox, Irene Holtorf, Edna Neilly, Millie King, Grace Wilkinson, Lillian Belfry, Gertie Yager. On trial - may Porritt, Gertie Poole, Birdie Parker, Norman Birrell.
SR. III to JR. IV.
Arthur Wilkinson, Maggie Holt, Edna Wilson, Emily Poole, Jennie Magee, Thomas McConkey, Lillian Adams, Laura Kilkenny, Warren McKinstry, Wilbert Kneeshaw, Violet Saint. On trial - Alonzo O'Donnell, Louis Armstrong.
NB-Those promoted on trial must attend regularly, work faithfully, and come up to the standard for each month, otherwise they must take a lower class.
Duncan McArthur, Maud Yenney, Frank Morden, Florrie Harmon, Ken Morris, Fred Stevenson, Mabel Frame, Willie Frame, Pauliene Charpentier, Lillian Edmanson, Elmore Curry.
Martha Elliott, Marion Boddy, Kathleen Elliott, Lancy Bowsher, Oscar Lukes, Charlotte King, Leslie Skinner, Ernie Collings, Allen mcKinstry, Sadie Parker, Melville Waldruff, Norman Waldruff, Gertie Saint, Jack Armstrong, Frank Frame, Alvin Yager, Willie Owens, Chester Wilkinson.
JR. II to SR. II
Jessie Adams, Kate Prior, Mary McLean, Bruce Mckay, Zina Wilson, Frank Church, Walter Lawrence, Addie Ellerby, Edna Prior, Benson Morris, Reginald Scott, Willie Spence.
Mario St. Clair, Eva Dedman, Beatrice Waldruff, Edna Kneeshaw, Ethel Stevenson, Bertie Hill, Ropie Holly, Aubrey Allen, Ambrose Charpentier, Nellie Warden, David Adams, Rex Morris, Bertha Harmon, Christina Cerswell.
Harold Yenney, Letitia Sutherland, Walter Birrell, Erle Wilkinson, Emily Spence, Alexander McArthur, Margaret Smith, bertha McKinstry, Lily Martin, Helen Kilkenny, Annie Church, George Manton.
Thelmas Morris, Ethel Waldruff, Marion King, Fred stevens, Alonzo WIlson, otto Parker.
Evelyn Kilkenny, Harry McGee, Gordon Cerswell, Tommy Lawrence, Alvin Waldruff, Irene McAfee, David Stevens, Walter Probert."

Luanne Campbell Edwards

First BDHS Yearbook Editorial

An editorial by Grade 13 student Barbara Saint, found inside of the first published yearbook of Bradford District High School for the 1959-60 school year.

Bradford District High School

Good-bye BPS say students

"Thirty five students said good-bye to Bradford Public School last Thursday evening. The school also said farewell in a ceremony for the graduates. A large crowd of parents filled the auditorium for the hour long awards presentation followed by coffee and donuts. Sharon Dakin was the top student with an overall average of 91.6. For her hard work she received awards for the highest mark by a girl and also the general proficiency award for the highest marks in the class. A top student in history with a mark of 92.9. Sharon received a history award from the local branch of the Imperial Order of Daughters of the Empire. Blair Melton, with an average 81 per cent received the award for the highest marks by a boy in the grade eight class. The other award of the night, for good fellowship as voted by the class, went to Burton Stoddart. The guests on the stage were Sam Neilly, school board trustee for the area of Simcoe County School Board and Wes Nelson a retired teacher who worked as a supply teacher at the school this year. The master of ceremonies was the grade eight teacher Roger Barker. At the end of the evening the students presented Mr. Barker with a momento of their appreciation. Miss Terry O'Brien, the French teacher presented oral French certificates to the students. In addition to collecting awards Sharon Dakin gave the valedictory address. She remembered the nights staying up until two in the morning studying for tests then falling asleep during the test because of lack of sleep. Sharon finished with thanks to her teachers for their help. The graduating class for 1975 at Bradford Public School are: Larry Allision, Faye Allan, Norman Allan, Elizabeth Avard, Lesley Barker, Larry Beekink, Nancy Bell, Kerry Sue Brintnell, Sharon Dakin, Peter Everitt, Brett Ewart, Stephen Feir, Ron Foerter, Jon Gittnes, Barbara Graham, Kelly Graham, Susan Heighington, Jim Law, David Lloyd, Judy MacMillan, Blair Melton, Barbara Noble, Susan Robertson, Nancy Saint, Rick Scragg, Susan Sheffield, Patricia Skitteral, Betty Stoddart, Burton Stoddart, Brett Thompson, Derel Thompson, Harold Thompson, Susan Thompson, Gary Timbers and Scott Tupling."

Bradford Witness

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